Review: Frühlingssorte Zitronen-Waffel from Ritter Sport

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Product Review: Frühlingssorte Zitronen-Waffel from Ritter Sport, Germany |

Last (but certainly not least!) is the new Spring 2018 release from Ritter Sport. It’s called Zitronen-Waffel, which means we’re looking at a white chocolate coated Lemon Wafer bar.

I actually giggled when I saw what flavour the new frühlingssorte bar was for this year. Why? Well I’ve actually already tried this chocolate bar before! Back on the 4th June 2017, to be exact. For some extra photos and to have a read of my initial impressions, take a look at my Instagram post.

IF LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, MAKE CHOCOLATE OUT OF IT. To love the new RITTER SPORT spring variety, you do not have to have anything on the waffle, just good taste. Because what could make the spring tastier than a waffle with a delicate lemon cream filling in crisp white chocolate? Exactly, nothing. And if we change our mind, we probably have one on the waffle. | Ritter Sport via Chrome Translate

What could be better than a bit of Google Salad translation? This review just keeps on getting better – and we’ve barely even started!

As soon as I opened the packet I could smell the lemon. Yay! 

What you’re actually looking at is a white chocolate with reduced fat yogurt powder filled with reduced fat yogurt lemon creme (31%) and a wafer with lemon creme filling (12%)

I tried to snap the bar into pieces but it just didn’t work out all that well. Just like in June, I couldn’t manage to split the bar up into reasonable chunks. The problem is the wafer centre – it’s just one complete unit. That means it doesn’t break well and wants to shatter the top layer from the bottom one. As I said the first time round, it just wants to shell apart.

Now we’ve got the negative part of the review out of the way, let’s get on with the good stuff!

The lemon is a deliciously bright flavour with a good amount of sugar tempered zing. The pairing of lemon with a sweet, creamy and vanilla based chocolate is perfect. This is perhaps one of my favourite chocolate combinations of all time (it takes the podium along with dark chocolate & mint and chocolate & coffee) and Ritter Sport have really nailed the flavour of this bar.

Though white chocolate and lemon works really well together, Ritter have opted to add an additional tangy component in the form of yogurt. The flavour is mild and subtle but performs a really important function in bringing those two distinct flavours together. It enhances the background flavour, bridging the creamy white chocolate to the zing of lemon.

The wafer, problematic though it is in structural terms, is pretty nice. It’s light and airy with a gentle wheaty flavour. It’s not cardboard, nor is it Manner. But it’s an enjoyable flavour against the rest of the flavours going on here.

Honestly I love this Zitronen-Waffel bar and if Nestlé KitKat are paying attention (don’t worry, I know you’re not), then please PLEASE make a version of this into a KitKat Chunky. I’d be forever grateful.

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