Review: Frühlingssorte Johannisbeer Streusel from Ritter Sport

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Product Review: Frühlingssorte Johannisbeer Streusel from Ritter Sport, Germany |

The second bar of chocolate Ritter Sport released for Spring 2018 is this one, the Johannisbeer Streusel. 

Spring lures with delicious fruits. For example, this one: fruity fresh currant. Paired with crunchy crumble pastry pieces in red yoghurt cream you will find the in our RITTER SPORT spring variety currant crumble. So get out of the winter quarters and into the sweet spring fun! | Ritter Sport via Chrome Translate

This is a difficult bar for me to review, namely because I don’t like red fruit mixed with chocolate. Strawberries dipped in chocolate? Nope. Raspberries? Still nope. Whilst there can be exceptions, it’s very rare. Keeping this in mind, I’ll try to be as objective as possible for you.

The packet description reads (roughly): “Filled whole milk chocolate with redcurrant reduced fat yogurt creme (40%), baked streusel pieces (3.5%) and redcurrant crisp (1%).

First thing to note about the description is that someone in the Ritter Sport office needs to get a talking to. The description above comes from the actual packet the chocolate came in. However if you check their website it’s a different story: “Filled milk chocolate with currant-skimmed milk yoghurt cream (32%), crumble pastry pieces (3.4%) and red currant crisp (0.7%)”. If you ignore the way I’ve translated it vs Google, check the percentage differences. Those amounts are hugely different.

In any case, the chocolate here is slightly darker than the Honey and Crisp variant and we’re back within the usual Ritter Sport chocolate zone. There’s a nice cocoa flavour to the chocolate and it’s more like what you’d expect from a standard Ritter bar.

Breaking a piece away, you’ll find a bright pinky red interior that’s studded with lots of crumbly pastry pieces. Whilst I don’t care for chocolate and red fruits together, let me say that the filling here is lovely. There’s lots of bright, tart fruit flavour. It’s just the right amount of sharp and zingy and full of fresh redcurrant flavours.

The tasty creme is studded throughout with streusel pieces, those large sweetened pastry crumbles that go a little biscuitty as it’s baked. Think British Crumble mix on steroids. Amazingly, these pieces do actually taste of biscuit and pastry.

One of my favourite treats from my local bakery is the Johannisbeer Streusel – with a German style cake base, loaded with fresh fruit and pastry streusel and dusted with sugar. It’s actually no surprise I like the filling as Ritter have done a great job at bringing those delicious flavours together.

My only problem is that it’s in milk chocolate. If this was cast with white, it’d be a hands-down winner.

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