Review: Froop Best of Typ Bratapfel from Müller

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Product Review: Froop Best of Typ Bratapfel from Müller, Germany |

Now you might be looking at the date on the yogurt and comparing it to today’s date. You’re not going bonkers – I really did delay adding this review to the blog. Don’t worry though, I ate the yogurt well within it’s “Best Before” date!

Fresh outta Google Translate…

Now pure winter pleasure glitters in the cooling rack! Because in the sparkling packaging of the Müller Froop Best of Type baked apple is delicious fruit preparation with wintery baked apple flavor and a delicious cinnamon note on creamy yogurt. | Müller

Ignore all that spiel* though, it’s nonsense.

I knew better than to buy this, I really did. I allowed myself to be suckered in by the promise of ‘Baked Apple’ flavoured yogurt, but you can do better. Don’t be like Lindsey. Don’t buy this product. 

It’s rare that I’ll come out and say “don’t do it” because I like to think everyone is different and what doesn’t work for one might be just the thing for someone else. In this case though, no. It’s partially why I’ve put off reviewing it for so long – but don’t worry, I’ve got my handwritten notes with me… So let’s find out why I feel that way.

Starting with the topping. It’s weirdly airy, fluffy and smooth. You can hear the spoon move against its surface as the air pops, like a mousse. Only the texture isn’t mousse-like if you’re thinking something silky rich. It’s just… air pushed into enhanced apple puree and set with gelatine. And it’s odd. There is a spiced apple tang to it, but I’m not impressed at all.

It’s marginally better when mixed into the yogurt. The flavour is very mild and I’m guessing the target market for this is kids.

The bizarrely textured apple mousse stuff integrates well to the yogurt, adding a sweet but tangy apple flavour. Either they’ve used extremely tart apples or this apple flavour has lots of faux acidity added in. It does smell right for a baked apple but the flavour is too sharp and something in here leaves my mouth feeling strange and my tongue unhappy. There’s no better way to put it. Sorry. Kids might not care (or notice) but I do.

If you’re after ‘winter pleasure’ in the diary aisle (oo-eerr!) take yourself over to the Mövenpick section. The yogurt is better, the product richer and tastier and whilst it might be a little on the sweet side at times, it’s more deserving of the notion “winter pleasure”.

*spiel = English: An elaborate or glib speech or story, or ‘to recite’. German: A game. I’m using the English meaning.

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