Review: Frit-Sticks Ungarisch from Funny-Frisch

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Frit-Sticks from Funny-Frisch in Ungarisch Flavour |

Frit-Sticks are a German crisp-style product featuring a prominent red pepper image.

Why is the red pepper picture important? Well the flavour is (unhelpfully?) labelled as “ungarisch”. Still not sure what to expect? Well the translation doesn’t help all that much for a Brit… It means “Hungarian”.

Is it the legendary seasoning with genuine Hungarian peppers? Or is it the love with which we process the whole potato into finely cut sticks? | Funny-Frisch

Frit-Sticks from Funny-Frisch in Ungarisch Flavour |

Still none the wiser, I went to the internet. After all, it’s the fount of all real (and intricately fabricated) knowledge… As it turns out, Hungarian Paprika is a somewhat famous spice, distinct in flavour from other paprika powders encountered in a supermarket. For the spice-awareness-challenged like myself, learn a little more about Hungarian Paprika here.

Each packet contains 100g of Frit-Sticks and for each 30g portion, there’s 152 kcals. Quite what’s supposed to happen to that extra 10g, no one knows. Packet labeling shows Frit-Sticks to be gluten free and without flavour enhancing additives. Ingredients include sunflower oil, paprika powder, sugar, onion powder and garlic powder.

Frit-Sticks from Funny-Frisch in Ungarisch Flavour |

The incredibly thin sticks are, unsurprisingly, exceedingly crunchy – regardless of whether they’re eaten as a bunch or as individual chips. Scent wise, the opened bag has a strong paprika aroma and I found it to be quite rich and reminiscent of barbecue charred peppers.

The paprika flavouring here is pleasingly strong, accompanied by a lightly smokey taste that lingers in the background. I’d have to say there’s a distinct difference between these chips and another paprika product, like Jumpys. These are stronger, richer and smokier, with a more defined flavour profile. Yet despite the potency, there’s still a nice and notable potato flavour underneath.

To sum up? If smokey red pepper flavoured crunchy sticks that can be gobbled by the handful are your thing, these are worth a go.

30th May, 2017
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