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Freche Füchse from Haribo, Germany - They're gummy foxes! |

Freche Füchse or Cheeky Foxes are a cute, chewy gummy Haribo product from Germany.

There’s not an awful lot to say about these sweet little things, so let’s start with what Haribo say themselves! Via a Google translate, of course…

Fans of the popular flavor of Cola may look forward to. HARIBO cheeky foxes create a trendy taste experience with the mix combination of cola and orange lemonade. Through this inspiration, they refresh every everyday life. |

Freche Füchse from Haribo, Germany - They're gummy foxes! |

The combination of Cola and Orange might sound new but it’s actually a really popular flavour combination here for a soft drink. There are three different brands I know of which produce it:

That being said, there are many Spezi drinks; some can use the brand name and some can’t. You can find out a bit more here. For those in doubt, “Cola-Mix” is the generic description for a cola mixed with orange lemonade. A drink I know as orangeade.

Freche Füchse from Haribo, Germany - They're gummy foxes! |

So this bag of gummy foxes contains three different flavours. There’s cola, cola with orangeade and orangeade. The sniff test tells me this smells like a bag of cola bottles.

As with any standard Haribo gummy, these have a hard, tough chew. The foxes are nicely designed and very cute. I particularly like the look of the mixed foxes, with the darker body and orange heads!

Freche Füchse from Haribo, Germany - They're gummy foxes! |

So how do they taste? Just like you think they would! The fully cola ones taste like cola bottles and the fully orange ones taste like a lightly lemon kissed orange. The combination foxes were actually my favourite, giving a gentle citrus flavour to the usual cola. Like popping ice and a slice in your drink – only without the ice part.

If you fancy a bag of cola bottles with a twist, this would be a fun alternative.

23rd May, 2017
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