Review: Emmental Pringles

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Emmental Cheese Pringles from Germany |

I’ve got five words to describe Emmental Pringles. This might be my shortest review yet!

So I’m pretty confident I can articulate exactly what this product is for the British amongst you readers in just five words. In fact one of those words might not be necessary at all, but I’m leaving it in there for good measure.

Emmental Cheese Pringles from Germany |

Are you ready? … Quavers flavour plus Pringle chip.

Alright, job done. Superior reviewing skills at play there, I’m sure you’ll agree.

… Alright, maybe not.

Emmental Cheese Pringles from Germany |

This tube of Pringles came from an Edeka store and it turns out that it’s not a common German flavour. At least, not according to the German Pringles website or a Google search. Most references turn up pointing at Dutch sites for these, including Pringles themselves!

Put on your best ‘Gollum’ voice and have a crack at this one: What’s Quavers, precious? What’s Quavers? Well it’s a “light curly potato snack” from Walkers in the UK. Here’s the website. They’re light, creamy and mildly cheesy. Why is that relevant? Glad you asked! It turns out someone from the Pringles development team has been ninjaing  into the Quavers factory at night and sneaking out with bags of cheese seasoning. I’ve no idea why they’d do this but the result is a Pringle that tastes EXACTLY like a Quaver.

Emmental Cheese Pringles from Germany |

I’m not a Pringle connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, they’ve been pretty near the bottom of my snack preference list in the UK for some time. However Mr E3 has managed to get me hooked on the Ketchup flavour that exists out here, so I was willing to give these a shot.

Emmental Cheese Pringles from Germany |

Pop the lid off and there’s a strong cheese scent that wafts out. It’s certainly not a cheddar one and there’s definitely a touch of the strong, rubbery, European style cheese in there. There’s a good, rich and creamy cheese flavour coating the brittle potato based snack. After the first couple get munched, the flavour mellows and rounds out a little, forming that mild, salty, creamily cheesy flavour that these Pringles have.

Would I say it’s Emmental? I’m not quite sure on that one but the ingredients do list “Emmental cheese seasoning” as well as “cheese powder” and “buttermilk powder”. For me, uncultured in the art of Pringles and cheese flavoured snacks in general, I’d say you could give these to someone and they’d call them as cheese flavoured but they’d know it wasn’t cheddar.

**Edit: Since writing this post I’ve eaten another tub of these, but the flavouring was far stronger. Like condensed and strength enhanced Quavers. Which is the correct flavour? Mild or strong?!

4th April, 2017
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  • Reply Lauren

    Well you sold these to me in those five words!!

    4th April, 2017 at 6:34 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Hahah, excellent! Now the question is, can you find them in the UK? Might have to open a side business in shipping cases of Pringles home. The Ketchup ones are awesome!

      4th April, 2017 at 6:45 pm
  • Reply couponsmom

    My kids enjoy these. Perfect for school lunches.

    17th June, 2017 at 6:11 am
  • Reply Dan

    You can get both ketchup and emmental pringles in poundstretcher.

    12th September, 2017 at 5:50 pm
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