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Limited Edition for Summer, Ritter Sport Eiskakao-Creme from Germany |

Let’s have a look at the second Summer Enjoyment Limited Edition chocolate bar from Ritter Sport.

Last week the Brombeer Joghurt appeared on the blog and it impressed with its super fruity flavours. This time it’s the turn of Eiskakao-Creme, an ice cream cocoa creme filled bar.

Limited Edition for Summer, Ritter Sport Eiskakao-Creme from Germany |

Sometimes Google has a problem with translating things. It believes Eiskakao-creme is Ice Cream Cream, but we know better. I do find some amusement in these translations though, so I’ll leave it as per Google!

You can always rely on two things: all love ice cream, all love cocoa! That is why the new RITTER SPORT summer resort ice cream cream makes twice as happy. Finally, its creamy filling melts coolly on the tongue, while all the cocoa beans melted at the sight of the crunchy chocolate chips. | Ritter Sport

The ingredients description is “Whole milk chocolate with a cocoa (6%) cream (40%) with vanilla and chocolate pieces (6.5%)”.

Limited Edition for Summer, Ritter Sport Eiskakao-Creme from Germany |

Unlike the earlier Brombeer Joghurt variety, the chocolate here is darker and less milky. It’s not as inclined to melt on the fingertip and it’s got a pleasing snap to it. That being said, the crisp snap of the chocolate leads to it shattering away from the filling. I found the bottom layer sheered off multiple times, whether I used a knife or fingers to break the bar into chunks.

Slightly brittle quality aside, the chocolate is has a lovely rich cocoa flavour and slightly bitter notes. I’d love to find more bars leaning towards a dark chocolate like this in the UK!

Limited Edition for Summer, Ritter Sport Eiskakao-Creme from Germany |

I’m not sure how they’ve managed it – it’s product development magic I suppose, but the filling tastes cold on the tongue. Mr E3 agreed, so it’s not just me. Beyond the tongue-tricking coolness of the creme, ice creamy vanilla notes hide in the background, rounding out the punchy cocoa chocolate hits. I like that it’s not simply a flat chocolate flavour.

This is a winner of a bar and I’ll be picking it up again, if given the chance. It’s a deeply satisfying chocolate treat for those craving a cocoa hit. The ice creamy quality of the centre is quite a novelty too! And who has the power to turn down ice cream?

24th April, 2017
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  • Reply Amy SeeksNewTreats

    This sounds delicious and I’m
    not even a dark chocolate eater! I tried Hotel Chocolat’s ice cream truffles the other day but thought they were distinctly flat.

    22nd August, 2017 at 9:43 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Mmmm, some of Hotel Chocolat’s more recent efforts have left me feeling a little unimpressed. Not that I’ve tried all that many over the last 12 months!

      22nd August, 2017 at 11:05 pm

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