Review: Dragibus Original from Haribo

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Haribo Dragibus Original Chewy Sweets from France |

This bag of Haribo Dragibus made it with me back to Germany, all the way from France!

Alright, maybe that’s not so amazing in the scheme of things… but when I recently visited the country, I went hunting for new and interesting sweets that could survive a 33 degree day in my backpack. Haribo was the obvious choice.

Haribo Dragibus Original Chewy Sweets from France |

These brightly coloured balls of sugar came from Strasbourg train station, so I can’t really claim to know what they cost. However, it’s a 120g bag with an additional 12g of sweets for free! Yay!

With its tender pate, its bright colors and its unique flavor, the Dragibus is one of the favorite sweets of the French. | Haribo

Haribo Dragibus are really interesting… and that’s mostly because I can’t place the flavour. Bear with me on this…

Haribo Dragibus Original Chewy Sweets from France |

I think the taste varies between colour and they’re fruity without being a straight up fruit. The sweets are very very slightly acidic and sour, with varying floral flavours.

Whether I’m making this up or not, I can’t tell – but I feel like the black ones are a blackberry base and are the least floral of the collection. Yellow originally reminded me of Floral Gums and I think they’ve got the strongest floral flavour in the bag. I might actually have to revisit Parma Violets, as these gently reminded me of those.

Haribo Dragibus Original Chewy Sweets from France |

They’re confusingly delicious, though it took me a little while to figure out that I liked them. They weren’t what I’d expected and the perfumey-floral quality took me by surprise. I feel like the fruit flavour bases are a blend, though perhaps that’s the floral tones getting in the way of figuring it out.

Given that I was having such a hard time working out what it was I was eating, I went to the Haribo website (via Chrome Translate, of course). In the FAQ there’s the question: Do Dragibus all have the same taste?

Dragibus … is a game of colors and tastes so that every candy is a surprise. The same color can contain several tastes as a taste can match several colors. Anyway, the 6 original colors (yellow, green, blue, black, red, pink) retain the same unique and unmistakable aromas since they were created, which is why they are so recognizable… The mystery Dragibus colors your lives with a multitude of flavors … only the brand has the secret. | Haribo FAQ

Haribo Dragibus Original Chewy Sweets from France |

So there we are – it’s not me being especially dense! The flavours are, indeed, a mystery.

Texture wise, there’s far less confusion. It’s a sugary coating over a hardened, chewy jelly. Like a slightly firmer jelly bean. They want to stick to my teeth and refuse to chew easily – reminding me of mystery sweets from childhood ‘Lucky Bags’.

Have you tried them? I’d love to know what you thought!

3rd July, 2017
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