Review: Dark Orange Mini Wafers from Kägi

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Product Review: Dark Orange Mini Wafers from Kägi - A Swiss Chocolate Orange Wafer |

These Dark Orange chocolate mini wafers ended up in my shopping basket during a(nother) trip to Galeria Kaufhof. I can’t say how easy they are to get your hands on, but I figured they looked interesting enough to be worth a try!

Kägi isn’t a brand I’ve heard of before, but then that doesn’t mean over much. I previously hadn’t paid all that much attention to wafer-style products. But thanks to this blog (and Manner) though, I’m definitely keeping my eye out for them now.

That’s how this bag ended up coming home with me. And I know the packet says ‘minis’ on the front, but I wasn’t quite prepared for just HOW mini these are. They’re like dolls food! 

First off, they smell darkly chocolatey orangey. I know that’s a lot “y” ending words in a row, just go with it. After getting over the very dainty size of them, I can’t say I had particularly high expectations. I mean, how much can really be conveyed with such a small treat? Turns out, quite a lot.

Concealed within the outer shell is a refreshing surprise. The fruity orange flavour makes the perfect accompaniment to the most renowned Swiss chocolate wafer. | Kägi

The chocolate is actually very nice. It’s lovely and dark, with smooth bitter cocoa notes that compliment the brightly fruity orange. I’ve reviewed ‘chocolate’ coated things before and been disappointed when they feel like a waxy glaze – these are not that. This registers as nice chocolate on my tongue and it’s the sort of stuff I’d be happy to eat a few pieces of. As it is, though the coating is thin on the wafer sandwich, a little goes a long way.

As I just touched on, the orange flavour holds up nicely against the chocolate here. It’s a fresh, zingy flavour and a swift glance at the ingredients list shows this is a Swiss wafer with an orange creme filling (48%) made with orange fruit powder (2.9%). With a nicely high percentage of creme filling, this wafer isn’t dry either.

Having started out skeptical, I’ve been schooled on the error of my judgmental ways. The size of these things is small, but they’re a flavour explosion and easily do the work of a much larger treat. The chocolate is potent (at 60% cocoa) and the fruity flavour is excellent.

The wafer is worth a mention too – it’s crisp, light and lovely. Landing far, far away from the cardboard quality I often think wafers have, this offering from Kägi is on par with the Manner wafers I’ve come to really like. As a chocolate coated product though, these are a bit more luxurious.

I really like these and with being individually wrapped, they’re also a great lunchbox addition for a workplace coffee break – and it’s much harder to chain-munch half the packet!

30th November, 2017
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