Review: Dairy Milk Oreo Mint Flavour from Cadbury

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint Flavour Chocolate Bar |

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with an Oreo Mint studded creme filling. Yea or nay?

I’ll be upfront from the offset – I’m not the biggest Cadbury fan. I used to be… and then there was a take over and some ‘reformulation’ happened and things just went a bit awry. Similarly, I’m not into normal Oreo’s… So on my recent trip back to the UK I wouldn’t have normally bothered searching for a Cadbury bar filled with them. But I do like mint chocolate and this review from Nibbles’n’Scribbles  persuaded me to try! I found the Dairy Milk Oreo Mint for £1 in a Premier shop.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint Flavour Chocolate Bar |

This is going to sound a bit daft, cause I know they’ve been doing it for ages but I do love the easy open packet. They’re particularly useful for people like me, who have a tendency to mangle the opening of basically anything. Scissors are my friend if I know something needs resealing – I just can’t be trusted on my own!

Described as Milk Chocolate with a Mint Flavour filling (35%) and biscuit pieces (12%), the ingredients list was somehow longer than I expected but contains the usual variety of sugars and vegetable fats. The bar comes in at 120g and 84 kcal per 3 chunks.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mint Flavour Chocolate Bar |

Before even breaking into the bar there’s a strong, sweet, minty scent. Nibbles’n’Scribbles was right! The scent reminded me of a Mint Aero too! Slice into the bar and the filling is a bright mint green, studded with cocoa coloured Oreo pieces. On the tongue it melts quickly and is very sweet but accompanied by a refreshing minty coolness. A nice light biscuit crunch adds some texture and contrast against the creme’s surprisingly quick melt. It does disappear quickly but it’s light and pleasing, not cloying or wanting to stick to your teeth.

I’m surprised to be saying this but I really liked this bar! I think it’s a very successful product from Cadbury, who are often a bit ‘hit and miss’ for me in recent years. The mint flavour itself packs a punch and that’s a good thing as it means the quality of the chocolate doesn’t matter as much. I know it’s ‘Dairy Milk’ and all that jazz but here it’s just a casing for the mint creme. A way to get that bright, minty filling to your mouth.

So despite not really liking Cadbury or Oreo, I very much enjoyed this Dairy Milk Oreo Mint. Who’d have thought it? Thanks Nibs!


28th February, 2017
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  • Reply Lauren

    Thanks for the mention lovely! I’m glad you like it. I bought another bar today haha xx

    28th February, 2017 at 6:35 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Oops, Askimet thought you were spam. How rude! 😀 Your review was spot on though. I’ll keep a watchful eye over the Milka range and see if anything new appears… so far I’ve not really seen much mint stuff available here!

      2nd March, 2017 at 11:37 pm

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