Review: Crème Fraîche Flavour Fluffy Nuts from Lorenz Snack World

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Product Review: Crème Fraîche Flavour Fluffy Nuts from Lorenz Snack World, Germany |

Roll up, roll up! Get your Fluffy Nuts ‘ere! Or something like that… because today we’re looking at the Crème Fraîche flavour from Lorenz Snack World.

Lorenz are the makers of NicNacs, my favourite coated peanut snack here in Germany. Fluffy Nuts are new to their snack range, offered in three different flavours. There’s Mild Paprika, Sea Salt and Crème Fraîche.

On opening the packet I was immediately confused by the green tint to the coating. Taking a sniff of the packet it smelt a little bit nutty, but nothing glaringly odd jumped out.

It’s a different matter when you eat one.

I expected the usual crispy coating but this is indeed “fluffy”. It’s light, airy and crisp. Made from corn, I got the distinct impression of eating a peanut that’d been swallowed up by a Wotsit or Erdnuss Locken. With that texture of puffy corn, there’s the unavoidable gritty smushy residue that wedges itself in the dip of your molars and kinda sticks to your tongue. It just comes with the territory. 

Things get weird when we talk about the flavour though.

My brain insisted these tasted a bit like dried peas. The kind that are sold roasted as a snack. It’s also reminding me of a dried packet soup mix (Grünkernsuppe if you want specifics). Sort of creamy and vegetable-y. They don’t appear to contain peas or soup so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in that skull cavity of mine.

Objectively there’s a mild sour cream flavour and (of course) the peanut flavour comes through… but I just can’t get over the initial taste. Thinking I’m going crazy, I check the ingredients. Parsley. Huh. That’s it. Weird. 

I wanted to say they were nice enough, but really they’re not. The texture of the corn coating is actually awful in those moments after you’ve eaten and swallowed the coated peanut. The corn smush just clings to my tongue and teeth and I don’t like it. Not one bit. The flavour too… Nope. This is what happens when you combine dried soup mix, blah corn puffs and peanuts. Sorry Lorenz, these are a miss for me!

7th February, 2018
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