Review: Cini Minis Snack Bar from Nestlé

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Cini Minis Bars from Nestlé in Germany |

Ever a fan of cinnamon, these Cini Mini Snack Bars may have ‘accidentally’ ended up in my shopping basket…

I really enjoyed the Cini Minis Knusper Muesli when I managed to find a box in my local supermarket, so when I saw these pop up online I was intrigued. I’m not usually a snack bar eater as I generally find them to be over sweet and lacking in hunger satisfaction. Still, such is my love for cinnamon that I wanted to give these a go.

Cini Minis Bars from Nestlé in Germany |

Just look at those crazy eyes and bizarrely long tongue… it’s vaguely disturbing, really.

Each bar is 25g and contains 102 kcal. They’re not big bars and they’re not going to stop you, an adult, from getting hungry. For a child though? I’m guessing it’s probably the right size.

Cini Minis Bars from Nestlé in Germany |

Mostly with these, I was curious as to whether the wonderfully strong cinnamon from the granola box would be incorporated. Sadly, it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there’s cinnamon in the bar… just not as much as I’d have liked. There’s a light aroma on opening the packet and a light cinnamony flavour that comes and goes as you munch.

Cini Minis Bars from Nestlé in Germany |

It’s so shiny! If a glossy appearance does it for you, these babies are IT. Amazingly, I think, there’s 6.9g of sugar per bar which is 8% of an adults daily recommended allowance. I’d have guessed at more, honestly, based on appearance. Taste wise though, the bar isn’t over sweet – something I’m very appreciative of!

Cini Minis Bars from Nestlé in Germany |

That condensed milk base is quite nice, by the way. It’s creamy, sweet and milky. It does a nice job of tying everything together and works towards creating that ‘cereal bowl’ experience in bar form.

I’ve now eaten all four of these Cini Minis bars and have to say they’re nice enough. They’re not overwhelmingly great but then I’m clearly not the target audience. Unfortunately they didn’t take the edge off my hunger and I wouldn’t consider these as either a meal replacement nor a satisfying snack. I’d take one if offered but I’d not go out of my way to make a repeat purchase.

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