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Nakd Carrot Cake Bar |

A Carrot Cake flavoured limited edition release from Nakd.

I’m rather a fan of Nakd bars so I think it’s fair to say I had pretty high expectations from the off. It’s very rare to find a Nakd product that I’m not a fan of, so I was curious how this would fare. Carrot Cake can be a funny thing; raisins or not? Should it contain nuts? How much carrot is too much carrot? All important, serious, life changing questions, I hear you say.

Happily, I found it for  74p in Asda! It’d be rude to think I could say it better than Nakd themselves, so…

It includes nothing but fruits, nuts, cinnamon, shredded carrot and a hint of natural flavouring – munching one of these down amounts to 1 of your 5 a day! It’s wheat, gluten and dairy free which means just about anyone can get in on the action.

Ingredients: Dates (48%), Walnuts (20%), Raisins (14%), Almonds (10%), Cashews (5%), Carrots (3%), Cinnamon and a hint of natural flavouring.

Nakd Carrot Cake Bar - Broken into chunks to see the textured middle |

The bar didn’t smell strongly but there was a toffee sugar sweet aroma that comes from the dates and raisins, with a hint of something that could be carrot cake if you’re looking for it. It’s prettily flecked throughout with bits of carrot and the bright happy orange packaging helped my brain get in gear for a Carrot Cake flavour. As for the texture? If you’ve had a Nakd bar before you know what to expect, a soft dried fruit pressed bar with nutty bits adding a bit of contrast.

On munching down, the first flavour wasn’t exactly what I’d expected – lots of walnuts! Now, I’m the sort of person that takes the walnut off a Walnut Whip and wonders if I have to eat it or not. It’s not my favourite flavour in the world, to be honest with you, and I hadn’t read the ingredients list prior. That being said, if I was thinking about it I could see the resemblance to carrot cake flavourings. I think it’s just a shame I’m obviously more sensitive to the flavour of the nuts than I’d like.

The sweetness from the dates and raisins did give me a helping hand to get over the walnuttyness and overall I liked it. But then, I’ve only once met a Nakd product I didn’t like so the betting was good I’d find something to enjoy here. Ultimately I think it needs a little more carrot and a little less walnut, but as I’m not a massive walnut fan that makes sense.

Do you have a favourite Nakd bar? I still have a Bakewell Tart and the new Lemon Drizzle in my cupboard to review… soon! Probably.

2nd March, 2017
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  • Reply LauraDaisyChain

    I’m tempted to try the lemon drizzle one out of curiosity even though I really dislike lemon flavoured things! I quite liked the carrot cake but bakewell tart is my favourite overall (maybe…I am rather fond of the apricot crunch too!)

    2nd March, 2017 at 7:56 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I can say with some certainty, though the review is yet to be written – only buy the Lemon Drizzle one if you like Lemon Drizzle cake. 🙂 The Rhubarb and Custard one is pretty awesome though, if you’ve not tried it!

      2nd March, 2017 at 8:12 pm

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