Review: Cappuccino Twix from Mars

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Cappuccino Twix from Mars |

Let’s take a look at the Limited Edition Cappuccino Twix.

If it was possible to get hand whiplash, I think I might have risked it with how quickly I picked these up and threw them in the shopping basket. Should there ever be an Olympic sport in the ‘fast grab of limited edition chocolate’, I think I’d be within medal contention. Stacked to chest height and labelled with a bright red swoosh and bold white text proclaiming “nur für kurze zeit” (‘only for a short time’), a multipack of 6 Cappuccino Twix made it to the car before getting opened. Thankfully there was another five packets to use to take a photo of… It’s hard work getting used to not eating things as soon as I’ve found them!

So, yes. It’s a Twix. I won’t spend the word count telling you about the biscuit (you know it’s low on flavour, high on crunch), or the chocolate coating (hint: it’s the same as the other Twix you’ve eaten). The difference here is in the caramel.

A Cappuccino Twix, featuring crunchy biscuit and coffee flavoured caramel from Mars |

For some reason I’d expected the cappuccino coffee flavour to be in the chocolate. It isn’t and that’s not a bad thing. The caramel, exactly as you remember its sugary toffee stickiness, has a decent dose of coffee flavour. As caramel is designed to stick to everything as you chew, the coffee taste feels evenly distributed. Of course, your mileage may vary if you like to disassemble your biscuit by peeling the caramel away…

To conclude? The Cappuccino Twix delivers exactly what the wrapper promises. It’s sweet and strong enough that people who hate coffee shouldn’t be able to touch these but without being overpowering. For me, they’re an improvement on a normal Twix. Priced at €1.59 for a generous multipack, I’d best get another before they’re all gone.


15th February, 2017
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