Review: Cappuccino Truffle Filling Milk Chocolate Bar from Niederegger

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Niederegger Cappuccino Truffle Filling Bar from Germany |

Niederegger might be known for their marzipan creations but it turns out they make chocolates too!

Not being one to pass up a coffee chocolate moment, this sounded like quite an indulgent treat. I expected quality chocolate and a smooth, rich, coffee enhanced creamy filling. Did it live up to expectations?

Niederegger Cappuccino Truffle Filling Bar from Germany |

The bar is priced at €2.10 for 100g and comes packaged in a box. It feels more like a luxury treat than an every day bar of chocolate. The container, like a cereal box, opens so there’s a little flap that can be tucked back under an exposed lip. Being able to easily reseal the contents up is a nice, thoughtful touch.

By this point I’m expecting something impressive. Going in for the sniff test yes, it’s a thing and I surprisingly got very little from it. It smelt just like milk chocolate.

Niederegger Cappuccino Truffle Filling Bar from Germany |

The box states this is a ‘cappuccino truffle filling in crispy milk chocolate’ and I think there’s a slight oddness to the word choice in translation. This chocolate is, in a sense, crispy – in that is has a crisp, distinct snap to it. It’s not brittle and doesn’t shatter but crisply breaks.

Taking the chocolate in isolation, it’s has at least a 33% cocoa content. The flavour is a bit underwhelming, somehow… and the problem comes with the filling itself.

Niederegger Cappuccino Truffle Filling Bar from Germany |

Texturally the filling is soft and slightly sticky. It’s not the rich, creamy centre I’d been expecting. That’s not the problem with it though. Cappuccino truffle filling accounts for 37% of the bar and the description leaves out one really important factor.

It contains alcohol. As soon as I bit into it, the flavour was unmistakable.

I’m not a huge fan of mixing alcohol with chocolate but that’s because I’m not a big drinker. I like dark, spiced rum or an occasional German shandy but unless you’re plying me with spiced or fruity cocktails, that’s it. There’s a harshness to alcohol in chocolates that just doesn’t suit me – so you probably know where this is headed.

Niederegger Cappuccino Truffle Filling Bar from Germany |

Whilst there’s an espresso-like flavour in the bar, I found it to be hit and miss. The strongest flavour by far, for me, is the alcohol. Flipping the box over, the ingredients list is: Milk chocolate, cream, butter, brandy, alcohol, skimmed milk powder, natural flavouring, soluble coffee 0.4%, flavouring, invertase. So there’s TWO alcohol components both at a higher content percentage than the coffee. You’d think that’d be worth mentioning in the description, no?

So obviously this bar isn’t for me. However if you’re partial to brandy truffle chocolate fillings with a coffee vibe, this might be for you instead! Niederegger have a range of Truffle products listed online, if a different flavour might float your boat instead.

26th April, 2017
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