Review: Cappuccino Lindor from Lindt

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Lindt Lindor Cappuccino from Germany |

Cappuccino flavoured Lindor from Lindt. Shall we take a look? (Yes).

I’ll be honest… I wasn’t going to review these. That’s why there’s only five of the Lindor chocolates left to take photographs of! But I felt a little bad after I reviewed the Mango ones and didn’t like them. It’s a strange situation really, because the thing I didn’t like about the chocolates with the mango centre, is actually one of the things I really like about them with a Cappuccino inspired filling.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Lindt Lindor Cappuccino from Germany |

Coffee and white chocolate lovers alike will delight in this delicious flavor combination. A delicate white chocolate shell surrounds an irresistibly smooth cappuccino flavored white chocolate center. | Lindt USA | Lindt DE

Coffee coloured flecks run throughout the white chocolate outer, concealing a heart of soft and melty cappuccino flavoured filling.

Lindt Lindor Cappuccino from Germany |

On popping one out of it’s crinkly wrapper, there’s a smell of rich, sweet white chocolate with a barest hint of coffee. That scent gets stronger if you slice the ball in two. Which honestly, you’re not going to do unless you’re trying to review them.

These Lindor are rich and silky chocolates with a mild coffee flavour. Whilst I didn’t appreciate the thick, creamy white chocolate that coats the tongue and lingers in the mouth with the mango variant, I think it really suits the coffee flavour here. It simply seems more cappuccino-like and helps secure a flavour profile more akin to the drink they’re trying to emulate.

Lindt Lindor Cappuccino from Germany |

These chocolates are mild and sweet, lacking the bitterness that would push it into the realm of coffee over cappuccino. That’s partially why I think the white chocolate is so successful here. Whilst it lends itself really well to the “and cream” Lindt varieties, it also mellows and adds richness to the coffee notes.

I’m a huge fan of these Cappuccino Lindor, though it’s rare to find a coffee chocolate I don’t enjoy! Thankfully I think Lindt have done really well with these. This isn’t the first time I’ve bought them and likely won’t be the last!

As for the Mango ones, I’m still amazed I didn’t like them… but if you’re a fan of Mango & Cream style chocolates, perhaps they’re more your jam than mine! Do give ’em a go and let me know your thoughts.

15th June, 2017
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