Review: Cacao Organic Fruit and Nut Bar from Rawbite

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Product Review: Cacao Organic Fruit and Nut Bar from Rawbite |

I’m not usually a fan of ‘cacao’ products, but I’m throwing caution to the wind and reviewing this organic cacao fruit and nut bar from Rawbite. It’s organic, gluten free and dairy free, with a net weight of 50g. Oh yes, gimmie all the stats!

Per 100g, this bar rocks up at 426 kcal – meaning this solid looking block of fruit and nuts is only 213 calories. Not bad going!

Again we’ve got an impressively skinny list of ingredients here: Fruits 54% (dates, raisins), Nuts 36% (cashews, almonds), Cacao 10%. I’m honestly loving the simplicity of Rawbite.

Like the others I’ve reviewed, this is a firm and dense bar without any squishyness going on. To be honest, heading in for my first bite I was a bit dubious. As I mentioned, I’m not generally a cacao fan as sometimes it can be a bit gritty and earthy…

I’m pleased to report that this bar is ace. The flavour is great and actually makes it the first cacao product I’ve actually really genuinely liked.

It’s nutty and creamy, with a sweet cocoa chocolate flavour that’s spot on for me. No earthiness. No gritty quality. It’s just the right amount of date and raisin sweet against cocoa-chocolate rich cacao. I really like the lightly creamy quality the almonds and cashews impart here.

This is one of those bars where if you’re on a diet or health kick, cutting out chocolate for whatever reason – this would satisfy a chocolate ‘need’. I very rarely think something whole-food and healthy works when you’re craving that vending machine chocolate bar, but this one really does. Two big thumbs up from me!

5th February, 2018
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