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Product Review: Bratapfel Sahne Joghurt from Zott, Germany |

Seasonal things, seasonal things! Let’s take a look at this Bratapfel Sahne Joghurt from Zott here in Germany. It’s a baked apple yoghurt!

Baked Apple is, on balance, my favourite German ‘winter’ flavour. It’s something we definitely need more of in the UK – because who doesn’t like spiced, baked apples? Hands up! And why?!

So I was pretty interested in how that warm, baked apple flavour would translate to a yoghurt. Indeed, if it really could…

Pulling back the lid revealed a creamy white yoghurt strewn with fruity looking lumps. For some reason I’d thought it might have been a fruit compote layer with yogurt on the top – but no.

The yogurt itself is creamy and mild, very thick and rich in texture with a hint of cinnamon spice. The apple flavour from the chunks of fruit isn’t strong or overwhelming, but imparts a fresh yet subtle baked apple taste.

The ingredients list tells me there’s 8% apple and 1% raisin, though I didn’t encounter any raisins (to my knowledge) this time. It’s also nut free! Ingredients show Cream Yoghurt, Sugar, Apple, Raisin, Modified Starch, Caramel Sugar Syrup, Cinnamon and Flavourings.

This yoghurt does indeed have a baked apple vibe. It’s gentle and better in the aftertaste than in the actual eating, but pleasant regardless. The flavours don’t feel fake or chemically enhanced and capture that touch of caramelisation that goes on with apple skin as it cooks.

I was quite pleased by this yogurt. It’s certainly subtle, but it’s rich and enjoyable all the same. Thanks Zott!

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