Review: Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun from Waitrose

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A Split, Toasted and Buttered Waitrose Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun |

Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns from Waitrose sound right up my street.

Sold at £1.69 for a pack of 4, or 2 for £2.50, I had a bit of a debate at the Hot Cross Bun section of Waitrose during my trip home. Of course I had to pick up some traditional lightly spiced and fruity ones… Which left me with a choice: Cherry & Almond or Apple & Cinnamon for my second packet? I wish I’d listened to Amy Seeks New Treats  and gone with the Bakewell inspired variety but I let my cinnamon love get the better of me.

The base bread dough is the same across all flavours of this range, being pleasing soft, squidgy and sticky when fresh out of the packet. They cut nicely with a sharp bread knife and don’t squish in on themselves, making them toaster friendly! Don’t you just hate it when bread deforms itself in the cutting process, then catches in the toaster?

Hanging my head over the toaster (as you do) I got a nice gentle waft of cinnamon from the bread as it heated. Once toasted the bread is light, delicate and fluffy. Studded with juicy sultanas, there’s a very subtle apple flavour. Bramley apple is listed at 8% but had you handed me this and asked for me to guess the flavour, I’d not have managed. My guess would have been a simple unspiced sultana hot cross bun. The bread smells more of cinnamon in the toaster than it tastes.

An Untoasted Waitrose Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun |

If you go for these hot cross buns cold, you’ll find the bread soft and a little denser than when toasted. They’ve got a bit of stickiness on top and the same plump juicy sultanas working their fruity magic throughout. Unfortunately the apple doesn’t really come through here either. I thought I’d found it but then it disappeared again in the next bite! The cinnamon certainly isn’t present.

The bread itself is delicious though, these buns are nice and squishy and I did enjoy eating them. They just didn’t have that cinnamony apple flavour I’d hoped for. Perhaps I’ve been Bavarianised whilst I’ve been out here – I expect an advertised flavour to be front and centre of a product and not some vague ‘search for me’ thing that’s hiding away. Have you tried these? What did you think?

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