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Product Review: Review: Birchermüesli Classic from Mövenpick in Germany |

Now I’m not the best with the German language, but this is the first time I’ve recognised an umlaut followed by an e. Which means it would be written as “Birchermueesli” if you saw it in a web address bar. All the ee’s! But enough procrastination. Let’s lift the lid on Mövenpick’s classic Birchermüesli!

And honestly, brace yourself for the photographs. Then tell me how to make Birchermüesli from a pot attractive, would you?

The especially fruity Birchermüesli with apples and pears, made to an original Swiss recipe. | Mövenpick

This is made with mild yoghurt, fruit and wheat and oat-flakes. There’s five percent fat content in the milk too! Just check out that gorgeous list of ingredients though: 15% apple, 12% pear, additional apple juice and pear and then 1.8% raisins.

I’m telling you all this good stuff right now, cause I really like this product and don’t want my photographs to put you off. But… here we go!

Looking good so far, isn’t it?

My first impressions were that it looked good too. It also tastes brilliant. There’s loads of apple, pear and raisin flavour that comes through. It’s more like a yogurt with a mix in than what I understand to be a bircher muesli but I’m not complaining in the slightest.

It’s such a shame I had to mix it up… Does nothing for it at all, aesthetically speaking.

It’s thick and rich and surprisingly sweet! I mean, it’s sweeter than I expected and actually a little sweeter than I tend to go for at breakfast. Which… actually, makes it perfect for the days I want to be naughty and go for something very-unbreakfast-like. Except, with this I don’t think I’m being naughty at all.

The yoghurt portion is mild and creamy. The fat content here has a huge part to play in creating that luxurious, rich and delicious taste. The soaked oats help with that too. Keep in mind that in the UK, full fat milk comes in at about 3.5% fat content and the stuff used here is 5%. The whole pot comes in at 164 kcals. I actually didn’t believe it at first and did the maths twice just to check.

Now, I really like porridge. There are days when I’ve had a large lunch and all I want for dinner is a dish of porridge with a teaspoon of brown sugar over the top… So I’m not surprised that I completely love this product from Mövenpick. The combination of quality ingredients, oats and plenty of apple and pear flavours going on – it’s like the thing was created just for me. It’s delicious and I’m absolutely buying it again.

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