Review: Baiser Eier from Haribo

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Haribo Baiser Eier - a Limited Edition Easter Range from Haribo, Germany |

These colourful egg shaped sweets are another special edition just for Easter from Haribo.

When I picked these up I didn’t know what the word “Baiser” meant. In fact, I found out literally two minutes ago… It translates as ‘meringue’. You can imagine my surprise then when I tried these eggs thinking they’d be like other Haribo products, expecting them to be chewy!

The Haribo website via Google Translate describes them as…

The HARIBO BAISER EGGS made from foamed sugar are the most popular HARIBO Easter product! The sugary eggs are available in strawberry, lemon, orange, raspberry and pineapple. Without the BAISER EGGS something would be missing in Easter! | Haribo Shop

On opening the bag, it was a sweet and really fruity smell that met me. All the colours! So pretty and happy looking! Even thinking these were going to be chewy, I was expecting them to be super sweet. Nothing could have actually prepared me for just how far beyond sugary these are.

Haribo Baiser Eier - a Limited Edition Easter Range from Haribo, Germany |

The colourful outer shell is rather firm and with a knife they were pretty difficult to cut through. I was wondering whether it’d be like biting into Blackpool Rock. Fearing a little for my teeth, I went for it. As it turns out, teeth are better than knives for these.

The inside is a firm but crumbly mass of sugar and I can see the meringue resemblance. If you imagine a crisp meringue shell but then just keep on adding sugar.  Another way to describe it would be as a sweeter, softer candy stick.

Haribo Baiser Eier - a Limited Edition Easter Range from Haribo, Germany |

In writing this review, I’ve consumed just three of these eggs. My tongue feels like it’s been abused with a piece of sandpaper made out of sugar crystals. If I had any cavities at all, I would now know where they were and I’d be on the phone to my dentist telling him he missed a bit.

There was only one blue egg in the packet – no pressure there to guess the flavour! Well, I have no idea actually. I’d written my notes on flavours and tastings without using the internet so I had zero idea what they were supposed to taste like. I got lemon, orange, pineapple and ‘something red’ – meaning either strawberry or raspberry.

My notes say “the flavours are pretty fruity, even if I can’t tell what they are – but oh my god the sugar make it stop please”. You know it’s serious if I’ve written that out in my review notebook. The only person that reads it is me! And now you. You’re so lucky.

So now my tongue is going sugar numb and tingling. I’ve had three and a half eggs. What parent is insane enough to give these to children? And what are children in Germany made out of that they can eat these? I’m going to go put this bag in the bin now. I’m not German enough to cope. Fortunately they only cost 66 cents.

22nd March, 2017
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