Review: Apfelstrudel Feinjoghurt from Mövenpick

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Product Review: Apfelstrudel Feinjoghurt from Mövenpick in Germany |

Ooooh, is this an excuse to have apple strudel for breakfast? Let’s find out with this Apfelstrudel Feinjoghurt from Mövenpick of Switzerland, bought here in Germany! 

A delicious combination of the finest, creamy yoghurt, apples and hazelnuts, delicately rounded off with a hint of cinnamon. | Mövenpick

Taking in the lid artwork, I’m expecting apples, cinnamon and hazelnuts in a creamy yogurt. So what’s actually under the lid?

Oh. Well, I didn’t expect that! Though I suppose there’s two ways of looking at it. First impressions are that it doesn’t exactly look appealing. But on the other hand, there’s plenty of sauce so I’m expecting lots of flavour.

Once mixed the yogurt is thick, creamy and rich in taste. It’s quite sweet, thanks to that apple strudel sauce – and it really does deliver on the apple strudel flavour.

There’s plenty of fresh apples, raisins and finely chopped nuts going on here, with a flavour of brown or caramelised sugar coming through. There’s also a good dose of warming cinnamon and this genuinely feels like someone just pureed strudel filling and added it to a great quality cream yogurt.

If you couldn’t tell, I think this Apfelstrudel Feinjoghurt is really good. Much more of a dessert yogurt than I was expecting so I’m not sure this would be a sneaky breakfast option after all. It’s that rich but mild cream yogurt coupled with the slightly over sweet sauce that takes it from fresh and light to a damned good dessert alternative.

Checking out the ingredients and there’s a healthy 12.6% apple inside, along with 1% raisin and 0.5% hazelnut. There’s even 0.2% strudel pastry – which I’m afraid gets very much lost in translation and I’d not even realised was a component of this Mövenpick dessert.

Each pot comes in at about 255 kcal – which in my opinion is rather a lot for a single serve pot. The thing is with this though, you can taste where the calories are coming in from. There’s sugar, yes – but it’s the 14% fat in the yogurt that comes through and makes this a pretty luxurious experience (for a yogurt, if you know what I mean). I think it’s totally worth the calories and I’ll definitely be making a repeat purchase. It’s delicious, nicely textured and totally nails the apple strudel flavour.

29th November, 2017
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