Review: Alpengipfel Bratl from Lorenz Snack World

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Product Review: Alpengipfel Bratl Potato Chip from Lorenz Snack World. Germany |

Always enticed by something new on the shelves, I had the choice of “Bratl” or “Röstzwiebel” flavoured chips. Curious, I went with the Alpengipfel Bratl flavour. So what is it and is it any good?

Alpengipfel broadly translates as Alpine Peaks. I’m assuming that accounts for the shape of the chips, which are vaguely mountain-like (if you squint a bit and look at them from the corner of your eye). Otherwise, they’re a three pointed chip that look like they’d make a fine scooping device. Garden trowel shaped, if you will.

As for Bratl? Well the English language description on the back says they’re a “Potato snack with onion-gravy-flavour”, but I understand Bratl to be a salted roast pork dish, served with gravy and some form of potato. Perhaps I’m wrong though? Answers in the comments please!

The texture here reminded me of a cross between Pringles and those cheap own-brand Salt and Vingear Potato Twirls I used to get at the corner shop. They most definitely do not taste like a ‘crisp’, sitting firmly in the ‘manufactured potato product’ category. It’s not just the underbelly of “potato” flavour that makes me feel that way – it’s the texture too. Like slightly more aerated Pringles is really the best way I can think to describe them.

As for the flavour. Well.

When I opened the bag, I took lots of deep sniffs. I mean, I wondered whether I could be caught for huffing on potato chips. Mostly I got ‘salt’. After inhaling for a good while, I noticed a meaty onion undercurrent.

Tasting though, ohmygod the SALT. All the salt. Lots of salt. A few chips later… hmm, not as salty. Far better to eat, thought I. A few chips later still… bloody hell, the salt came back!

Yes there’s an onion gravy flavour to them, eventually. Once you get past the salt and you’ve eaten enough chips that they’re forming their aftertaste flavour.

Honestly though, they reminded me of Beef and Onion flavoured crisps, or BBQ Beef Hula Hoops – which are my favourite of the Hula Hoops range, by the way. And yet – I didn’t like these Lorenz crisps.

It’s the unevenness of the salt that kept smacking me in the tongue. Some are really, overwhelmingly salty and some are relatively neutral. Once you’ve eaten a good handful of these your mouth will taste like a salty, meaty, onion gravy, but the chips with the most flavour naturally have the most salt. And that’s so not good.

Overall they’re just really salty, with a sort of potato background and an aftertaste of meaty onion gravy. So I suppose it does what they’re supposed to do but there’s no way I can handle that much salt in one go. I’m sorry to say, the rest of these went in the bin!

If you’re a salt lover, perhaps you can give them a try and let me know what you think!

3rd October, 2017
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