Recipe Review: Pork Potstickers from The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook

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The uncooked, finished Pork Potstickers from The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook |

I’m taking a look at the Pork Potstickers recipe from The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook.

I’d been wanting to try potstickers for ages. Having seen picture after picture of these gorgeous little bundles of half fried, half steamed Chinese dumplings on the internet, I decided to try making them.

Now I’m not great at fiddly things, I lack patience and pastry skills. I also have little to no understanding of how to combine flavours for Chinese cuisine. I knew I needed something with clear instructions and with Amazon’s help came up with The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook.

The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook |

The layout is clear and uncluttered. The range of recipes appealed to me. The photography is lovely – I think the arrangements make the food look unfussy and (importantly!) achievable. If I find photographs of perfectly aligned cubes of vegetable, that lets me know straight away that book isn’t for me. The ingredients glossary at the back of the book is useful and the short list of where to start looking for harder to source items is a nice touch.

The Pork Potstickers recipe comes under the ‘Yum Cha’ chapter. A section dedicated to the Cantonese dining tradition whose name literally means ‘drink tea’. The recipe makes for 32 dumplings and you’ll need to put aside a couple of hours to get them all finished. You can get the recipe online here and here.

Stages of Making Pork Potstickers from The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook |

The book instructions for how to fold the dumplings take a little bit of working out, but I feel they’re reasonable for a fiddly sort of process. They do include a couple of photographs to help illustrate the method. That being said, I honestly would have been lost if it wasn’t for the Dumpling Sisters Jamie Oliver Food Tube video tutorial. It’s available on YouTube and I credit it for my pork potsticker success.

Having made these dumplings several times over the past 18 months I can say with some certainty that the recipe holds up well with consistent results. The filling is juicy and full of flavour and the homemade potsticker wrappers are easy to work with. I have a few suggestions that may help should you choose to give the recipe a go!

  • Make yourself a ‘wrapper template’ for rolling them out. Cut a piece of greaseproof, parchment or even kitchen paper to a 9cm diameter circle. This will give you a quick reference guide for the size of your dumpling wrappers. If you take them too big, they’ll be too thin and prone to splitting open when being cooked. Too small and you’ll not get all your lovely filling in!
  • I want even sized dumplings, so they’ll cook evenly and I can properly portion them out for our meals. I’m a girl that likes to work with specifics, so I weigh my filling out to 20g per dumpling. It obviously takes a little longer but that’s the choice I’ve made!
  • The dumplings can be frozen. Unfortunately there’s no instruction for this in the book, nor is there one in the Food Tube video. However scouring the internet yields the below note from The Dumpling Sisters themselves. Just remember to use fresh and NOT previously frozen pork meat.

To freeze: form the dumplings, pop some clingfilm on a flat baking tray and then freeze the raw dumplings in a single layer before transferring them to a bag or Tupperware for storage. They should keep for about 1.5-2 months. Cook them straight from frozen, just like we do for the fresh ones in the video, but add twice the amount of water and double the cooking time.

It does take a while to get all 32 of these lovely pork potstickers made. However I know I have an army of dumplings sat in the freezer, ready for an easy, quick, lazy but homemade meal. Now I’ve gotten used to handling and making these, I’ve got my eye on this Vegetable Dumplings recipe from The Woks of Life as my next project!

Have you made potstickers from scratch before? Do you have a favourite dumpling recipe you’d like to share? Hit the comments!

24th February, 2017
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