Recipe Review: Finding the Perfect Crumpet Recipe, Part 2

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Crumpets made from a Paul Hollywood recipe |

The third and final batch of crumpets in the hunt for a recipe that ticks all the boxes…

I’m looking for something that gives that delicious and unique crumpet flavour, a gorgeous chewy and elastic bite along with a holey interior that’s light and fluffy.

If you’ve not already done so, have a look at Part 1 where I trial two other crumpet recipes and talk about crumpet rings!

Paul Hollywood Recipe

I’m not a Paul Hollywood fan by any stretch of the imagination – but this is a good crumpet recipe. My copy of this comes from “Paul Hollywood’s Bread” – a book I have on my Kindle app. Normally I won’t buy a cook book digitally but when in Germany…

Happily this recipe is also available online though the method is seriously shortened. You get a more expansive description and extra technical information in the book. That being said, the basics are there and the only real difference is the book requires the crumpet ring to be filled to just below the rim of the crumpet ring and the cook time is 6 – 8 minutes to start with.

Crumpets made from a Paul Hollywood recipe |

Warning: Do not attempt this recipe if you’re intending to do an arm day at the gym. Actually, don’t even attempt it if you’re recovering from doing an arm day at the gym. This crumpet starter requires some serious arm work but it’s completely worth the effort.

Where the Waitrose recipe lacked enough chew in the texture, reading this recipe I could see where all that lovely elasticity would be developed. You’ve got to beat the flours, dried yeast and milk together. For four minutes. Don’t skimp on it – you’ll only be cheating yourself!

The recipe says this mixture should stand for “about an hour”. On the picture above, the top right and bottom left images were taken after the mixture had stood for around an hour and twenty. It hadn’t started to fall yet and I wanted to leave it a bit longer… but I just didn’t have the time to give it. Sorry Paul. 

Adding the extra liquid to the batter was easy but does require some patience to get it going – add the bicarbonate of soda and water mixture bit by bit to start with.

Crumpets made from a Paul Hollywood recipe |

My crumpet rings arn’t as deep as required by Paul’s book, being 2cm rather than the 3cm specified. As a result I didn’t end up with 10 – 12 crumpets. I got 16! Look at how nicely they shrink back from the edges of the crumpet rings though – removing them was a doddle.

You’ll see from the pictures above I was a little cautious about overfilling the rings. There’s a balance to be struck between a nicely thick crumpet and something so thick it takes forever to cook. Dreading the thought of having another Jamie Oliver experience, I went low and slow with these, taking around 15 minutes to fully cook a batch of four.

It’s better to cook the crumpet lower and slower than hot and fast. | Paul Hollywood’s Bread, Kindle Edition

Jamie Oliver, take note.

Crumpets made from a Paul Hollywood recipe |

Crisp and golden brown on the outside, yet light and fluffy within, these are magical. | Paul Hollywood’s Bread, Kindle Edition

I agree Paul, I agree.

Crumpets made from a Paul Hollywood recipe |

These lovely crumpets hit everything I was looking for; good flavour, good texture and a wonderfully holey structured interior. They were light inside, toasted up well on the outside and lasted nicely for a couple of days kept in Tupperware.

As an added bonus of making these a little thinner than specified? They fit perfectly in the toaster. This recipe’s a keeper!

Result: Winner | Link

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