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Whilst every attempt will be made to keep to the below arrangement, there will obviously be times for one reason or another when this isn’t possible. In general, this is the schedule I try to stick with.

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  • Monday – Thursday | Snack or Food Review | 4:30pm
  • Friday | Recipe or Recipe Review | 4:30pm
  • Saturday | Travel, Lifestyle or Home Comforts | 10am
  • Sunday | Sunday Catch Up | 10am

Where Should I Look?

  • Reviews | All reviews of non-homemade products live here, split by category: Breakfast, Snacks.
  • Recipes |
    • Mains – Something substantial that could be a lunch or dinner.
    • Sweets – Cakes, bakes and home-made sweet things.
    • Extras – Side dishes and snacks.
    • Breads – Sweet and savoury breads.
  • Explore | A spot for travel and touristy things, split by country and location.
  • Etc |
    • Living Near Munich
      • Good to Know | General Munich area & German lifestyle information.
      • Home Comforts
        • Spotted in Supermarkets | British & American foods found in Supermarkets near Munich.
        • Shops in Munich | Shops in the Munich area that remind me of home or sell home comforts.
    • Sunday Catch Up | A selection of the weeks food related news, reviews and special mentions. This includes things that interest me or are of use to Expats in Germany, along with a heads up for upcoming foodie events in England and the Munich area.

Want something specific?

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29th March, 2017