Mon Chéri, Piemont-Kirsche from Ferrero

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Mon Chéri, Piemont-Kirsche - a cherry and liqueur filled chocolate |

Available during the Winter months only, this cherry and liqueur filled bittersweet chocolate has been in production in Germany since 1957. That’s a pretty impressive lifespan for any food product, particularly a chocolate one that has more recently endured a rapidly changing market. How many chocolate bars that you remember from your youth are gone today? Or have completely changed their recipe? I know I can name a few!

Mon Chéri are available in multiple box sizes and often seemed aimed at a ‘gifting’ market. Whilst I got these before Christmas, I have just seen a Valentine’s themed box on sale in a local supermarket so they’ve not disappeared just yet. At 157g, this box costs from around €3 but prices can vary.

Mon Chéri, Piemont-Kirsche - a cherry and liqueur filled chocolate |

To start with, it’s not a great idea to cut them in half. My knife went through the top, the crisp and thin chocolate shattered and my arm got splattered with liqueur! It’s probably better just to eat them without messing about.

First up, the chocolate breaks and the alcohol hits the tongue and back of your throat. It’s strong enough without knocking your socks off and comprises 13% of the product, with the cherry itself coming in at 18% and the bittersweet chocolate at 49%. For someone not used to drinking much, it felt like sipping on a shot of brandy – the fumes sneaking up your nose and that alcoholic warmth slipping to somewhere in your throat.

Mon Chéri, Piemont-Kirsche - a cherry and liqueur filled chocolate |

The liqueur syrup surrounds a whole sugared alcohol soaked cherry and I found the cherry flavour balances nicely against the chocolate, neither overpowering the other. The chocolate breaks crisply, it’s smooth without melting instantly on the tongue. It’s a good chocolate too, not filled with nasty fillers and has a lovely cocoa finish after the alcoholic heat dissipates. I like them – but 2 or 3 in any one sitting is more than enough for me!

Uniquely, Mon Chéri takes a break from production during the summer. Given the hot summer months and the thin, crisp chocolate shell surrounding the liqueur, I can well imagine problems! I also think it’s fair to suggest that during the summer people just wouldn’t want to be consuming a warming brandy style filling – it’s beer and icy cocktails season!

Finally, check out some of Mon Chéri’s artwork from decades past at their website. I rather like the 1950’s selection!

3rd February, 2017
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