Keks & More, Apfel Zimt Crunch from Leibniz

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Leibniz Keks & More, Apfel Zimt Crunch (Apple Cinnamon Crunch) |

Biscuits! I do love a good biscuit. I’m almost powerless to resist when I see a new variety out on the shelves (and if by some magic I do manage to stop myself picking them up, it’s pretty much assured I’ll regret it later!). Apple and Cinnamon combination anything is usually an insta-purchase – it’ll be in my basket before I’ve even thought about it. Have you ever gotten to the check out and said to yourself: “Where did that come from? Did *I* put it there?” – If you’re thinking “Yeah! Those Shopping Pixies got you too?!” then you’re in the right place!

Obviously, this new offering from Leibniz (Keks & More, Apfel Zimt Crunch) is almost as close to my biscuit kryptonite as you can get. It’s new, it’s cinnamon, it’s apple, it’s not coated in chocolate, it comes in lovely little mini packets so I don’t have to eat them all at once… €1.59 later and here I am with four small packs of biscuits, containing four biscuits each.

Leibniz Keks & More, Apfel Zimt Crunch (Apple Cinnamon Crunch) |

As soon as I got the packet open, the appley cinnamon scent was there; strong, warming and bizarrely making me think of Go Ahead biscuits. It’s a good thing, honestly. These smelt amazing.

Leibniz Keks & More, Apfel Zimt Crunch (Apple Cinnamon Crunch) | eatexploreetc.comLeibniz Keks & More, Apfel Zimt Crunch (Apple Cinnamon Crunch) |

There’s a sugar glaze to the top, adding a touch of sweetness and a golden tone to the biscuit which is super crisp; kinda like a drier rich tea, if you follow. Do you see the little balls studding the biscuit in the close up photograph? They act like a much crisper rice krispie and help make the biscuit significantly crunchy. Apple pieces are aplenty, chewy little fruity bits in every bite that occasionally get stuck in your teeth but do deliver on that concentrated appley flavour.

It’s a shame that after rating so highly with the promised flavours and crisp crunchy texture that I found they had a slightly drying aftertaste. It wasn’t much but it lingered on the tongue, reminding me of an excess of raising agent which wasn’t unpleasant but I just felt it shouldn’t have been there. On the whole? Quite good but with the aftertaste issue, I can’t quite see myself buying them again. That being said, if you’re an apple and cinnamon addict I’d encourage you try them if you can and see what you think!

2nd February, 2017
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