Jamaican Rum Balls from Arko Confiserie

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Jamaican Rum Balls, Jamaika-Rumkugeln from Arko Confiserie | eatexploreetc.com

“A creamy cocoa confection, wrapped with crispy dragees and flavored with original Jamaican rum”.

During the Christmas Markets in Munich I found several stalls selling larger-than-a-golf-ball sized rum balls. On an impulse (as usual!) I bought one and surprised myself by really enjoying the gloriously retro, incredibly alcoholic tasting chocolate sugar-bomb. I feel like they’ve not been seen in the UK since the 80’s and it was a little like going back in time. Only with extra calories and a sugar crash.

Jamaican Rum Balls, Jamaika-Rumkugeln from Arko Confiserie | eatexploreetc.com

Roll forward to a couple of weeks after Christmas and I saw this bag of little rum balls in a local Tenglemann supermarket, priced at €1.99 for 200g. Made by Arko, a brand I’ve seen in other supermarkets like Edeka, the rum balls come in a transparent plastic bag which is resealable with a little plastic tie wrap.

Jamaican Rum Balls, Jamaika-Rumkugeln from Arko Confiserie | eatexploreetc.com

At 4% real Jamaican rum, these little balls pack a bit of a punch. Coated in standard sugary chocolate sprinkles, the inside has a soft, fluffy, fudge like texture. Next to the alcohol the chocolate flavour is mild but it comes through better at the end as the rum dissipates (though it doesn’t entirely disappear). I find them quite sugary but I suspect that’s a) the point of a rum ball and b) as a result of it being coated in chocolate sprinkles, which add a grainy sugary sort of texture as you’re eating them.

They’re decent, if you’re a fan of time travelling back to the 80’s via confectionery and you happen to like dark rum in your snacks! Portion control isn’t an issue either, I can only manage two or three in one sitting then I’m ready to put them away again. As the rum flavour is lingering on my tongue, I’m wondering whether I’d smell like I’d been to the pub for a couple of long drinks… As it is, I probably won’t find out. The cat sleeping next to me isn’t likely to be a good judge.

8th February, 2017
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