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10 Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer [2024 Reviews]

Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer

I observed that the majority of air fryer users make use of large wooden blocks or chopping boards. These are not the ideal alternatives to put under the air fryer since they have a low resistance to heat and are very difficult to use, and don’t possess anti-skid properties.

But certain air fryer owners have silicone mats that resist heat in the bottom of their air fryers. These mats made of silicone used for the air-fryer are constructed to withstand heat and offer a non-skid surface for the air fryer.

Utilizing a high-quality silicone heat-resistant mat underneath an air fryer is an excellent way to stop high temperatures from reaching your countertop.

The mats made of silicone can withstand the cold and heat between -40degF and 480degF. This means you can use the mats for an air fryer heat protector mat beneath the air fryer, as well as for a mat to place on the shelf in your refrigerator.

Silicone mats are versatile, durable, water-proof, and cleanable. They are also reusable for an extended period. They can be easily folded up and placed in any location in your kitchen.

10 Best Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer [2024 Reviews]

1. Gasare Silicone Counter Mats for Air Fryer

Gasare Counter Mats constructed from food-grade silicone. They offer an incredibly soft and durable non-skid surface. The mats measure 25″x17” to provide plenty of coverage and have an anti-spill lip.

This top-quality product is built to last for a long time. The only thing you have to think about is where you can put it!

Gasare’s silicone heating pad can be the ideal mat you can use for an air fryer. I discovered that this mat does not allow heating up from 180degF up to 450degF and has an average thickness of 1.4mm that prevents hot spots from forming on my kitchen counter!

The best heat-resistant mat for the air fryer originates from LGT producers who create the standard eco-friendly mats from 100 percent food-grade silicone.

Therefore, you’ll be able to feel confident about these mats following any damage due to the process of recycling that is available should something go wrong with them as well (if necessary).

Its dimensions of 25″x17” are the most suitable for ultra Ninja, Cosori or Nuwave brio 2QT up to 8QT air fryers.

Additionally, this silicone heat resistant mat for air fryer is available in nine trendy colors that offer an array of colors to your cooking!

It can also be used inside a microwave and coffee maker to protect the surfaces from scratches and grease when cooking.

The anti-slip properties prevent any unintentional movements over the already slippery surfaces like oil. This Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer is also easily cleaned and reused for a lengthy period.

2. Larsic Stove Cover for Under Air Fryer

The mat is unique because it’s specifically designed to cover stovetops made of ceramic, providing you with more space to work with no risk of damaging the stove’s surface.

They are heat-resistant on the top and bottom layer, but they can also be used under the air fryer.

This heat resistant mat for under air fryer is a good option when you intend to use the mat for different reasons because it comes in various sizes and shades.

3. Smithcraft Silicone Trivets Mats for Hot Dishes and Hot Pots

The mat is a perfect example of what we are looking for in a heat-resistant mat. One of the most important features is the temperature that is more than 480+ degF. This is a great feature, mainly if you often utilize your air fryer.

The size is cost-effective, mostly when sold in packs of two. One mat can be used with smaller fryers, but both mats can be used beneath larger models to give you more coverage. They are also offered in various shades, ranging from bright lemon yellow to subtle beige.

4. Belle Thick Silicone Countertop Protector Mat

Belle is a different brand that makes silicone countertop mats that are suitable for air fryers and other kitchen appliances.

The Belle mat is made from food-grade silicone that is completely free from BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex, and Phthalates. It can be used on your dining room table.

The color tan is an additional way to create a beautiful kitchen.

The mat is suitable in the -45 F up to 400 F range. When it reaches 400 F, you can air fry your chicken wings fries and place this mat underneath the air fryer to protect your counter.

It’s easy to wash, use, and store. Roll the mat up after washing it with soap and place it in the kitchen drawer.

When it’s brand fresh, it can be challenging to keep it lying flat. After some time, the item is entirely flat.

Some users have reported that the car has a smell of vinyl in brand new condition. But, when we tried this, we did not detect any odors.

5. ZLR Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Counter

The silicone mat is advertised as a rack for drying dishes and will perform well; however, because of its convenient size and the high resistivity to heating, this mat is a great mat to use with an air fryer.

Most of the mats listed on this list are highly versatile, and the pliable nature of this mat looks promising.

What separates this mat from other mats is the wide range of neutral shades? This best heat resistant mat for air fryer is available with small waves to allow effortless air circulation.

6. Heat Resistant Mat for Small Size Air Fryer

Suppose you’re looking for an anti-heat mat for your small air fryer. Then Smithcarft’s silicon pad mat is the best option to use with your air-fryer. The dimensions that the mat measures can be 7.5×7.5 Inches. It is for use with the Dash miniature air fryer, Philips small air fryer, ultra air fryer, etc.

The air fryer mat can withstand temperatures ranging from -20degF up to 480degF. It is perfect for air fryers as a protective layer for the countertop. These mats can be used as a shelf mat to place your pots for your refrigerator.

They are made from 100% food-grade silicone with BPA-free and non-toxic material. If you plan to chop your veggies, you can do so on these mats.

They are incredibly light. They’re also available in trendy colors. The honeycomb structure creates an air suction attraction to the countertop. This heat resistant mat for under air fryer can keep your air fryer from sliding.

They are odor- and stain-proof. They can be cleaned with soapy water if they get dirty. They are available in four sets, so you will not have to worry about your countertop for a long period. The company also provides the possibility of a lifetime replacement warranty.

7. EPHome Multipurpose Silicone Nonstick Pastry Mat

EPHome heat-resistant, nonstick mats work great for large countertops. It is possible to place it on the counter and use it every day, and at the weekend, you’ll be able to clean it quickly due to how easy this mat is!

Its dimensions are 23.6×15 inches in size and make them perfect for a mat to use as a tray for your cakes or fondant. Silicone Table Mat Countertop Protector – protects against burns, scratches, and so on.

This heat resistant mat for under air fryer is made from tough EPHome Superior Silicone. It can withstand heat-resistant protection from -40 F and 482 F. The nonstick surface makes cleanup a breeze and dishwasher safe too!

This air fryer mat is also available in various colors, meaning you’ll have the option of designing your kitchen’s interior style using this protective board.

Cutting up of them for storage purposes will be simple since they’re water-proof and flexible to shield surfaces from accidental burns, stop oil spills, and be stain- and odor- anti-bacterial.

8. Gasare Kitchen Countertop Protector

They are incredibly durable and heavy and not ridged, making them ideal for cleaning your mat. We also love that one of the many options for colors is translucent, which is useful when the countertop you’re trying to safeguard is too gorgeous to be covered with.

9. Lamson Big HotSpot Counter Protector

In 2002, Lamson introduced his first heat-resistant silicone mat designed by air fryers. These heat resistant mats are incredibly flexible and are heat-resistant at temperatures up to 480 degrees F.

This means you can use the mats to make an air fryer mat that is heat resistant. The dimension for the mats is 11.4″x11.1″ and 1.5 millimeters thick.

A mid-sized air fryer can easily be placed onto this counter mat. Lamson heat mats can protect you from any dangerous accident that may occur due to the heat of your air fryer.

The mat is not contaminated with BPA compounds so it could be used as a food prep mat trivet, potholder, or even as a jar opener! The non-skid properties and the flexibility protect the air fryer’s wheels from sliding.

They are used extensively by professional kitchens due to their superior quality material. These mats are incredibly soft, making them easy to roll up and put away. This heat resistant silicone mat for air fryer is possible to wash the mat using handwashing or by dishwasher.

10. EPHome Extra Large Multipurpose Silicone Nonstick Pastry Mat

It is the one I have in my Omni, It cost me $$, and I thought it was good security against the possibility of scratching my costly granite counter-tops.

It has proven to be a good investment. I’ve replaced it twice during my three years of air-frying. It is resistant to heat up to 482° F. [other models]

What should you look for in the best heat-resistant mat for air fryer?

When you purchase a mat that is heat resistant for countertops, there are five items you must be aware of:

Food Grade Level/FDA accepted or unapproved.

If you are using a heat-resistant mat, you may also cut vegetables and make the pastry. Occasionally, you can put cooked foods like potatoes or eggs in them.

If it’s not FDA certified or BPA free, there could be numerous side effects that could result from your body.

When you purchase a heat-resistant mat, make sure to check whether its BPA is free or not and recommend buying one that is FDA certified.

Heat resistance mat quality

The majority of heat-resistant mats are made from silicone. Silicone can withstand wide temperatures between -45 F up to 480 F. This means that abrupt temperatures can be a problem for mats made of silicone.

If the mat smells burning, immediately switch off the air fryer, and take the mat off the counter.

Size of the mat

If you are buying a mat, ensure that it will fit on your countertop effortlessly or not. For an air fryer of standard size, 10×10 inch mats will be perfect; however, you can also utilize a larger size to accommodate other appliances.

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What is the best heat-resistant surface for an air fryer?

It’s crucial to select the ideal surface for a heat-resistant air fryer. If you own granite, stainless steel, or quartz stone countertop and would like to keep your kitchen appliances safe from heat, this may not be the ideal choice due to some reason.

Quartz stone

They are resistant to heat and are strongly opposed to granite. Although they appear shiny, they are sturdy; they could be damaged by the oven’s or air fryer’s high temperature. Therefore, you should choose a heat-resistant mat to protect this stunning material!


A wood countertop is the most efficient heating insulator, but frequent use of the oven or air fryer may cause damage to the surface on the top.

To guard against this, it is recommended to use mats with high durability, which will not break from continuous exposure to dryness or extreme temperatures.


Granite isn’t just used for countertops. It’s a gorgeous, durable material that can withstand the highest temperatures in kitchens and look beautiful even years after!

The material has a high resistance to heat, with a temperature of 1000° C. Granites are great air-frying pans. They transmit heat rapidly, which means it’s not necessary to wait for a long time until your food is cooked.

The greatest benefit of using granite for appliances? You don’t have to worry about damaging or scratching it by rough handling as the slabs have been selected by professionals who understand the significance of their durability at a full pace after a hectic weekday.

Steel stainless

I am a stainless steel fan for a countertop for my Air Fryer. It’s strong and durable, and easy to clean with only water if you have any dirt or grime on the top. It comes cleanly!

Cleaning with this kind of material is also easy because the non-slip surface will protect you from burning your skin when cooking oil spills out or any other mishap that occurs (like pouring out milk). There is a downside to these kinds of tops?

They can conduct heat well that could be unsafe if handled with care. Make sure you put an insulating pad beneath them to ensure that your hands don’t be burned when working on hot surfaces.

Verdict [Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer]

Silicone heat-resistant mats can serve two purposes inside an air fryer. They can be utilized to shield your counter from the heat emanating from the air fryer or protect the interior of the air fryer from dust.

The mats are available in various sizes and shapes. You can pick the one you like and require. If you want to enjoy an enjoyable cooking experience when using your air fryer, then think about buying the heat resistant silicone mat for under air fryer.

FAQs [Heat Resistant Mat for Air Fryer]

Can I Put An Air Fryer On The Countertop?

The answer depends entirely on the kind of countertop you choose to use. If the countertop in your kitchen is made from heat-resistant material, then you’re in good shape.

If not, you must use the silicone mat or other mat made of heat resistant to safeguard the countertop from damage. Therefore, the truth is, yes, you can put your air fryer on the countertop.

Another thing to remember is to ensure is that the area in which you’ll keep the air fryer is level and have only a couple of inches (more than 5 inches) of room to allow for smooth airflow.

If it cannot get enough room to allow for airflow, it could get hot and become damaged over time.

Can Air Fryer Crack Countertop?

The air fryer is made to replace the conventional deep fryer, which needs a large amount of oil to cook. It’s created to cook healthy and crispy foods by releasing a huge amount of hot air over the food item to make it tender and crispy.

Air fryers are well-insulated effectively; however, this hot air is pushed out through air vents. These vents could be located at the bottom. Therefore, this hot air could damage the countertop over time.

Your countertop could or might not be able to withstand the temperature, so to prevent the countertop from cracking, you could install a silicone mat beneath the appliance. The mat made of silicone does more than protect your countertop but also looks nice and is easy to use.

Where Should I Place My Air Fryer?

The best place to keep an air fryer would be on the countertop in the kitchen. Because when cooking in the kitchen, it makes it easy for cooks to operate the appliance.

If you are putting it in the oven, you must place it on a straight and smooth surface. Keep a few inches of space around the fryer, allowing air circulation. This will help keep the fryer cool and last longer.

Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Stovetop?

There’s always a chance of placing your air fryer on the stovetop because if you do switch off the stove, it could cause the fryer to melt and cause an explosion.

Therefore, it’s always best to keep electrical appliances in the kitchen countertops in preference to any other spot because it’s the most secure and most convenient location. I would suggest that you don’t place the air fryer on the stovetop.

Are Silicone Baking Mats Safe?

Yes, baking mats made of silicone are suitable for use in the air fryer. The highest temperature for a silicone baking mat can be 428°. The baking mats can be in a freezer.

But, when you are purchasing silicone baking mats, ensure that they are safe. As silicone gets more and more popular and widely used, some manufacturers add fillers to silicone mats and molds.

The toxins released from silicone fillers after being heated or cooled can be harmful to health. If you’re not certain about the fillers contained in the silicone you bought and you be able to smell a strong burning when baking using it.

Making purchases of baking mats made from silicone from a trusted manufacturer is your best bet for getting safe baking mats made of silicone. If you have any concerns about the mat’s parts before buying, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team.

Since silicone mats are employed in ovens with similar temperatures as the air fryer, the temperatures won’t harm them.

You can also put it beneath your air fryer to safeguard your counter from damage that may occur due to the heat produced by the air fryer. These are the top five silicone mats that are suitable for air fryers.

Are Cutting Mats Heat-Resistant?

Cutting mats have become incredibly popular in recent times and are pretty incredible, but they shouldn’t be employed as a heat-resistant mat beneath an Air fryer.

Cutting mats are generally intended for use in crafts and hobbies. However, some cooks utilize cutting mats for cooking. They’re considered self-healing since their materials are made to fill in after cutting.

They’re typically heat-resistant. However, this isn’t their main function, and frequent exposure to heat can damage the mat in time. Also, it won’t last under the air fryer for longer than a mat that is heat-resistant will.

Are heat-resistant mats travel-friendly?

Yes, heat-resistant mats are suitable for travel as they weigh less and don’t require rolling.

What are the various uses of mats that resist heat?

You can utilize mats that resist heat as a countertop protector to protect cooking appliances, a pastry mat for table use, fondant mat for food preparation and serving.

What multi-purpose tasks can I make with the heat-resistant mats?

Counter protectors for kitchen counters are multi-functional and can serve as trivets hot pads mat to cover pans and pots on the stovetop. They can also serve as oven gloves when cooking at extreme temperatures. They also protect you from burns!

Temperature Range of a Heat Resistant Mat?

The mats that are heat resistant can endure temperatures ranging up to -45 F and up to 480 F temperature, depending on how thick the mat is.

How do I clean silicone mats from the pot?

Cleaning the mat is simple! Wash it using the soap, and then wash it with warm water and rinse thoroughly. Put your heat-resistant pad in the air fryer for a mixture for an hour before using it to let them dry to ensure the maximum outcomes.

Do I need to use a mat for the pot made of silicone under my coffee maker?

The mat will protect the air fryer against overheating. It can also use microwave ovens and hot kettle potholders for your coffee maker.

Are silicone mats non-slid allowable?

These mats are not slide-able because of their unique design and material that adhere to the countertop and other surfaces. When making use of your appliances, it is safe to protect your fryer from the slide and protect it from harm.

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