Good to Know: Watching English Language Movies in Munich

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So there’s a new film coming out and you just can’t imagine having to miss it at the cinema.

The good news is, you probably don’t have to! The bad news is, it might take a bit of effort and a little forward planning to ensure a seat.

Getting Started

Before we start, there’s something really important you need to know about movie watching in Germany… And that’s knowing how to read the cinema listings. I’m not talking about film names and times – but finding out which films are being shown in their original language. Be aware, an original language might not always be English! There’s a couple of abbreviations you’ll find useful to know:

  • OV – Original Version
  • OmU – Original mit Untertitel; Original Language film with Subtitles, usually in German

And actually, whilst we’re on the subject of things that are good to know – make sure to check the film classification here in Germany. Age restrictions can and do differ from English or American classifications!

Lastly, if you know there’s a movie getting released that you want to go and see, get your tickets in advance! Seats can fill up very quickly, especially for high profile blockbusters. So then, the important question: Where can you go to watch English language movies at the cinema in Munich?

Cinema München

Cinema Muenchen Sign |

Designed to exceed THX standards of presentation excellence, our theater features the best in superior 4K + HFR projection with high-definition picture quality. | Cinema München

Offering primarily English language films, this small cinema has just one screen. That means seats fill up very quickly, so advanced planning is recommended! They seem to favour 3D showings at peak times, though 2D films pop up too. Being just a stones throw from the Stiglmaierplatz U-Bahn station, it’s an easy location to reach.

Popcorn and Drink from Cinema Muenchen |

It’s a lovely little cinema, with great picture and sound quality. Personally I like the balcony seating – the leather chairs are comfy and offer a great view with plenty of leg room. I’d recommend wearing layers to any viewing here, as it can get really hot and you might want to peel that cardigan off mid-screening. Unfortunately, in my experience, the popcorn hasn’t been particularly great – but both sweet and salted are available.

Something more unique to this cinema are “Sneak Preview” nights. They’re always on a Friday and you won’t actually know what film you’re going to see until it starts!

Address | Cinema Filmtheater, Nymphenburger Str. 31, 80335 München
Find Out More | Website | Facebook


Mathäser has a winning location between Munich Hauptbahnhof and Karlsplatz. With 14 screens to choose from, this cinema mostly shows films in German language – but there’s often at least one English language option and it’s frequently offered in 3D. Keep an eye out for the speech bubble logos that appear next to movie listings to find out more…

Examples of OV Films from Mathaeser in Munich |

There’s a range of snacking options at this cinema, including both sweet and salted popcorn. Now I rather like the popcorn here but don’t be afraid to ask for a mixture of both types. A sweet and salty mixture is definitely a winner!

Popcorn and Drink from Mathaeser in Munich |

Again, we chose the slightly pricier seats near the back – they’re comfy and with lots of leg room! In the showings I’ve been to (and I can’t claim that I’ve been to many), a lady has shown up selling ice creams just before the movie starts. She appears at the front of the theatre, with the cinema screen used to advertise prices! Think little Ben & Jerry’s tubs and Magnums. Note: I’ve not seen this happen in English cinemas since I was a kid!

Address | Mathäser Filmpalast, Bayerstraße 3-5, 80336 München
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Museum Lichtspiele

Whilst I haven’t personally been to this venue, English language films frequently fill their screens.

Just like the oldest cinema (Gabriel-Filmtheater), this was also built by Munich’s cinema pioneer Carl Gabriel and initially bore his name. It was created in 1910 by the conversion of a Varieté theater in a house built in 1896. | Museum Lichtspiele

Museum Lichtenspiele in Munich |

Famously, this cinema still shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a weekly basis! They also offer a range of Original Version films in a selection of four themed theatres. You’ll have to have a look here to see what I’m talking about.

Address | Museum Lichtspiele, Lilienstrasse 2, 81669 München
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For something less mainstream… 

These all offer a variety of Original Version films with subtitles.

  • Monopol Kino München | A short walk from Hohenzollernplatz U-Bahn station. An interesting choice (?) but they don’t sell popcorn or nachos!  | Monopol Kino Website | Address: Schleißheimer Str. 127, 80797 München
  • Arena Kino | Directly related to the Monopol, this venue also shows films in Original Version with subtitles. | Arena Kino Website | Address: Hans-Sachs-Str. 7, 80469 München
  • ARRI Kino | Located only a short distance from the Universität U-Bahn station. | ARRI Kino Website | Address: Türkenstrasse 91, 80799 München

If you’ve found any other cinemas in Munich showing English language films, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about them.

10th June, 2017
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