Good to Know: Streetfood Friday in Munich

Streetfood Friday in Munich |

The first Friday of every month is Streetfood Friday at Munich’s Pressehaus near the Hauptbahnhof.

Streetfood Friday is organised by the folks behind the Midnight Bazaar (, the night time flea market which pops up regularly in Munich. I’d been intending to visit since the start of the year, as I do love an opportunity to try new foodie things. For one reason and another though, it took til April to get here!

Streetfood Friday in Munich |

A little confusingly, you’ll find details for this monthly market on Facebook under both “Hall of Taste – The Streetfood Market” and with stand alone Streetfood Friday branding. Links to both are below! Their main website carries the Hall of Taste branding though the website address makes no mention of it. From what little I’ve gathered (and please correct me in the comments if this isn’t right), I think the market existed as Hall of Taste initially and has undergone a slight re-vamp.

The name really makes little difference though, the important part is the market itself. Located in a cornered off car park at a Munich newspaper building, it isn’t much to look at. In fact, we wern’t even sure where we were going! The Facebook pages and their event listings give two separate addresses – as it turns out, I picked the one which led us through the more official entrance to the building’s car park. We left via Bayerstraße – at least that entry had a big sign!

Impressions from Streetfood Friday in Munich |

With around 20 food vendors in attendance, there’s a range of cuisines on offer: From burgers to Thai food, pasta to curry and a variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. The roster changes monthly and a final line-up is usually announced a few days before the event via Facebook. Check out their list of participants here.

Our Visit

We visited on the 7th April. It was a little breezy but sunny – the buildings and fencing helped shield the area well, so I didn’t end up with that awful ‘hair flying in the breeze, getting stuck in mango chutney and then plastered to my face’ thing. What? That’s not a thing? 

Arriving somewhere between 5:30 and 6pm it was a little busier than I’d expected and Grillin’ Me Softly was clearly the most popular truck there. The burgers looked good – but I’d seen a Korean truck… I slightly regret that decision though, so I’ll be on the lookout for Grillin’ Me Softly at the summer festivals around Munich!

Food trucks skirted the edge of the market, with some picnic style benches and a Giesinger beer tent in the centre. Unfortunately the tables were already full! Thankfully though the trucks arn’t squished too tightly together and we found some standing room in which to eat.

What Did We Munch?

Curry O City at Streetfood Friday in Munich |

The Onion Bhajis were spicy and delicious (€3.50). Even so, I swapped one with Mr E3 for a bite of his Mango Chicken and Rice (€7.50). Spicier than I anticipated but really very tasty. In England I’d have expected that to be a milder option but there’s an enjoyably good level of heat in it! Price wise, you’d not pay that sort of money for these portions in my home town. Being in Munich though is a different kettle of fish.

Kobo at Streetfood Friday |

Unfortunately KoBo were having a bit of an issue with the heat on their frying tray – in that there was no heat and the eggs couldn’t cook. That’s how I ended up with an eggless box of rice, sweet crispy beef, hot sauce, spring onions, grated carrot, sesame seed and crushed crispy crackers. It was still €7 without the egg. Germany really doesn’t do discounts… I once found Christmas chocolates on sale in February at full price! The sweetness and strength of the beef was really quite strong and though full of flavour, it lacked balance. The egg would have helped.

Baumstriezel, Der Striezelman at Streetfood Friday in Munich |

After that I needed something more neutral! A steamingly hot, sweet and sugar crisp baumstriezel seemed like the right way to go (€5).  Google tells me that “Kürtőskalács is a spit cake specific to Hungarian-speaking regions in Romania.” We liked this one but couldn’t finish the whole thing between the pair of us! I liked the contrast between the soft and fluffy inside with the surprisingly crisp exterior.

If you’re a fan of these food trucks, it’s worth checking their Facebook pages too. Several of them tour the Munich area during the week, with some going further afield – like Grillin’ Me Softly (Unterföhring) and Curry O City (Ismaning and Unterföhring).

Useful Info

Location | Münchner Pressehaus, Bayerstraße 57, Munich
Opening Times | First Friday of Every Month, 5pm – Midnight
Admission | Free
Find Out More | Website | Facebook | Date Listings

Always check with the event company to confirm any details important to you before you visit!

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  • Reply Dana

    Trdelník!!!! 😍 That’s the Czech name for the Kürtőskalács sweet you ate at the end. LOVE them. I discovered them when I first moved to Europe (I lived in Prague) and instantly fell in love with the light fluffy pastries. I was so excited to see them at some Christmas markets here in Munich.

    18th April, 2017 at 8:03 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Oooh – Thanks for improving my foodie knowledge! 🙂 I can see why you fell in love with them though. Do they have any other traditional flavours, or is just a plain sugar best? I’ll definitely keep a look out for them at other food events!

      18th April, 2017 at 9:27 pm

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