Good to Know: Shopping for Pet Supplies in Bavaria

Shopping for Pet Supplies in Bavaria | Shopping for Cat Furniture Online in Germany with Zooplus |

Moving to Bavaria with a pet? Well, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for finding where to buy your pet essentials! Whether you’re shopping in person or need to go online and have it delivered, my mini list on shopping for pet supplies has you covered.

Now obviously this isn’t an exhaustive list of where to go to purchase pet food or cat litter. I’m not going to attempt to cover the independent retailers you’ll find in your local area (most of them won’t be listed on Google Maps anyway), nor am I covering the myriad of different pet supplies stores near Munich.

This post actually has just two goals:

  1. Reassure you that it’s possible to get products for your pet that they’re used to.
  2. Give you some idea of what to expect in a German pet supplies store.

The Google Search

Firstly, you’re going to want to find yourself a relatively local pet shop. Depending on your settings, doing a Google search for something like “pet supplies Munich” will return a fair few results. You’ll probably have even better luck if you try searching in German though. Some suggestions to help you on your way:

  • “Zoohandlung” or “Tierhandlung” (Pet Shop)
  • “Haustiere” (Pets)
  • “Tierfutter” (Animal Feed), “Katzenfutter” (Cat Food) or “Hundefutter” (Dog Food)

There’s actually quite a lot of pet supplies stores in the Munich area, so try a few different searches to see what pops up! Don’t forget that if your keyboard lacks the umlaut for München, just write it as Muenchen instead. The e following the u indicates the umlaut!

And if you’re passing through a shopping area and see a sign proclaiming “Zoo” – unless you’re at Hellabrunn, it’s definitely a pet store.

Shopping Online with Zooplus

I’ve been using for years and years. Way before I had any notion of living in Germany, I was buying from this company in the UK – without realising it was based in Munich!

They have a whole suite of web shops covering at least 25 different countries, from the UK to Italy and Finland to France. And… if you still have access to a card with a billing address in the UK, you can even buy from the UK store and have the goods shipped to Germany.

Why is this important? Well, it comes down to what you feed your pet.

We knew from the outset that our relocation to Bavaria was only a temporary one and we weren’t particularly thrilled about the idea of swapping our cat’s food. She’s got a fairly dodgy stomach and a huge hairball problem. She does quite well on James Wellbeloved – and thanks to Zooplus, that hasn’t had to change.

Prices are good, offers and incentives run frequently and there’s even a points scheme based on expenditure. Our huge cat trees have been delivered by DHL to our door in Germany – and whether it’s heavy bags of cat litter or light little cat toys, everything arrives quickly, it’s well packaged and is of decent quality.

If you’re in Germany for longer or prefer to make the change to a food that’s easily accessible in Germany, I’d still recommend checking out They really do have a good range of products and I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t find something here for your pet. It also means you can do your pet shopping late in the evening or even on a Sunday!

Fressnapf – a German Pet Supplies Shop

Out of all the pet supplies stores in the Munich area, this is the one I use most frequently. Why? Simply because Fressnapf is the largest shop within walking distance.

Over 1,400 modern stores in eleven European countries create an extensive and competent network for animal lovers and pet owners from Denmark to Italy. | Fressnapf

Here you can pick up everything you might expect to find in a pet store (other than live animals, that is). From pet beds to accessories, toys, cat furniture and litter equipment – including litter trays, liners and substrate.

Fressnapf also stocks a wide range of dog and cat food – some brands I recognised, like Royal Canin, Whiskas and Dreamies. Some I didn’t, though there were clearly selections for both the “premium” and “budget” ranges. At the store I visited, there’s even a freezer of raw meat – including horse, rabbit, deer, lamb – and more!

Helpfully, Fressnapf also have an online store – so you can browse away from the comfort of your home and see if they stock the things you’re after. In any case, I hope this reassures you that shopping for your furry companion isn’t really any different here than at Pets at Home in the UK.

Bonus Suggestion: TK Maxx

This store is a bit of a wildcard entry for some basic pet supplies. I’m talking food dishes, toys and beds. They don’t sell pet food!

The selection is limited, but if you’re just passing by… what’s the harm in looking, right? On our visit they had soft and squishy RSPCA pet beds, dog toys and pet food dishes!

So that’s it! My exceedingly mini list of tips for how to go about shopping for your pet in Bavaria. Hopefully this post has given you a little bit of reassurance in bringing your Haustier (literally, house animal) over to Germany with you – and if you have other shopping suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

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