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Deer at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Less than thirty minutes away from Munich’s central train station, Wildpark Poing is a great animal park to visit.

Just jump on the S2 S-Bahn in the direction of Erding and alight at Poing (pronounced Poh-ing). It’ll take a further twenty minute walk to get to the Wildpark, but it’s easy and well signposted. Be aware though that dogs (of any sort) are not allowed into the park, on account of the free roaming animals.

Wildpark Poing sign at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Wildpark Poing

We visited during mid-April 2017.

Almost as in the wild live the wild animals here in a hilly landscape of 57 hectares of forest, meadow and ponds. The Wildpark Poing in the Ebersberg district can be reached in half an hour from Munich and represents a real alternative to the traditional zoo. | Muenchen.de

Deer at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Though we visited as a couple, don’t be surprised to find this park filled with families. There’s plenty on offer for little people and it makes for a great child-friendly day out. Don’t worry if you’re sans-child though, there’s still a great deal to enjoy at this wildlife park.

The Wildpark Poing was founded in 1959… It offers year-round the opportunity to observe local wild species from close up. | Wildpark Poing

Raccoon (or Trash Panda!) at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Owl and Peacock at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

From the moment you set foot inside the park, it’s possible to hand feed deer and pet Guinea pigs. Make sure to stick to the paths as you walk through the free roaming enclosures… The animals are so used to human contact that they’ll come seek you out if they feel like it.

The special feature of the Wildpark Poing is the natural design of the individual enclosures and aviaries, which are modeled on the natural habitat of the animals and thus ideally meet the needs of the animals. | Wildpark Poing

Nutria (or River Rats) at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Golden Pheasant at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Between April and November the park hosts a twice daily bird of prey show, though there are no shows on a Friday unless it’s a school holiday. Performances last between half an hour and fourty five minutes with entry included in the entrance ticket price. Whilst there isn’t an English language performance, you’ll still get to see some wonderful birds flying around. When they’re not out flying, you’ll find the birds on display near the show ground.

Donkey at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

If your little ones like to feed the animals, pack a separate lunch for the donkeys – apples and carrots are the keys to their hearts! And speaking of lunch, Wildpark Poing offers a large picnic area complete with benches. It’s well placed between a couple of food kiosks and a pretty impressive looking playground. Active kids can wear themselves out, whilst you grab a moment or two to relax! 

The kiosks are open all summer, as well as winter school holidays and weekends. They offer snacks and drinks, so if you prefer a substantial lunch I’d advise you bring your own. However if your stomach is getting grumbly and you’re trying to keep hanger at bay, I’d recommend their cheese baguettes. It’s a simple sandwich but the bread was really very good. Ice cream desserts are also compulsory for a day out!

Fox at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Boarlets and Piglets at Wildpark Poing near Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Final thoughts? I was impressed by the variety of animals here and the generally nicely developed enclosures. As an added bonus from visiting in spring, we were treated to seeing baby goats, boarlets and piglets! Aren’t they just so cute with the stripes down their backs? 

The park has plenty to look at and it’s a really popular place to bring children. Though I didn’t spy much by way of health and safety warnings, it seems to go without saying that these aren’t domestic pets and to use your common sense in interacting with them. It’s also probably a good idea to bring some antibacterial handwipes with you.

We spent a couple of hours at Wildpark Poing, wandering around and watching the animals. Do plan on staying much longer though if you’d like to take in the bird of prey show or let your kids run wild themselves on the playground.

Useful Info

Address | Wildpark Poing, Osterfeldweg 20, 85586 Poing
Opening Times | Open Daily from 9am until – Summer, 6pm | Winter, 5pm
Admission | €8.50 Adults, €5 Children (Aged 3 – 14)
Find Out More | Website | Facebook

Always check with the Wildpark to confirm any important details before you go!

27th May, 2017
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