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View over Munich from St. Peter's Church Tower | EatExploreEtc.com

If you’re looking for a view across Munich, ascending the tower at St. Peter’s Church is a great, easy to find option.

Just around the corner from Marienplatz and Munich’s Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall), you’ll find Peterskirche. Situated on a bit of a hill (though it barely registers as one for Lancashire folk), the Church sits overlooking the fabulous Viktualienmarkt.

View of the Viktualienmarkt from St. Peter's Church Tower in Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

A Little History…

“The Kirche St. Peter (“Church of St. Peter”) is one of Munich’s landmarks, the oldest parish church in the city, and is known affectionately by the locals as Alter Peter (“Old Peter”) | Muenchen.de

St Peters Church in Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Whilst a church has occupied the ground here for centuries, the Second World War practically reduced the building to rubble with only a tower stump remaining. As with many historic sites around Bavaria, the building was carefully reconstructed with work finishing as recently as the year 2000.

Eight bells hang in the church tower. Four of them are historical bells, which were cast between the years 1327 and 1720… The smallest and oldest… hangs behind a barred window in the lower floor of the tower – in ancient times it sounded at executions on the Marienplatz.  | Muenchen.de

If you have the time, pop in for a look at the beautiful interior… though visiting the gold and gemstone decorated skeleton of Saint Munditia, a Christian martyr, is entirely optional.

St. Peter's Church Tower in Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Climb to the Top of the Tower

We visited in early April 2017.

A visit to the tower at St. Peter’s Church doesn’t require much planning. Simply make sure to visit on a beautifully clear day to make the most of the wonderful view! As with most attractions, I’d recommend going earlier in the day before crowds begin to appear. Though if you’re visiting during peak summer months, the tower stays open until 7:30pm, so a late visit isn’t out of the question.

A Collection of Images from St. Peter's Church in Munich, known as Alter Peter (Old Peter) | EatExploreEtc.com

With no lift access and around 300 steps to climb, this activity unfortunately isn’t for everyone. The steps are often narrow, with overtaking (or resting) platforms dotted along the journey to the top. The system relies on people being patient and waiting for others to pass… or being considerate and letting others go first. There’s no guide or chaperone, which may account for the huge amounts of graffiti covering the walls and stairways to the top.

Steps within the Tower of St. Peter's Church in Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

Once you’ve made it to the top, the narrow viewing platform uses a one way system – though there are two doors providing access to the fully caged balcony. On our visit it was thoroughly packed, which made for a slow but relaxed shuffle around the perimeter. It’s fair to say I’m horribly horribly afraid of heights… but as this attraction is entirely caged in, I felt relaxed enough to thoroughly enjoy the views.

View from St. Peter's Church Tower in Munich | EatExploreEtc.com

View of Frauenkirche, Olympiaturm, Rathaus, and Theatinerkirche in Munich taken from the tower at Alter Peter, or St. Peter's Church | EatExploreEtc.com

Have fun spotting Munich’s landmarks! In the picture above you can see the Frauenkirche on the left, with the Olympiaturm in the distance (also pictured below). At the front there’s the Neues Rathaus with it’s famous Glockenspiel and just over it’s shoulder you can see the yellow towers of the Theatinerkirche.

View of Frauenkirche in Munich with the Olympiaturm in the distance, taken from the Church of St Peter | EatExploreEtc.com

Visiting Alter Peter doesn’t take much time or cost much money, so it’s perfect for a spur-of-the-moment tourist activity. Hopefully on your visit there won’t be quite so much building and restoration work going on! The cranes and scaffolding do somewhat detract from the beautiful scenery… But I’m sure you get a good idea of what’s on offer here.

Searching for a view across Munich but the stairs make this a none starter? As an alternative, the Neues Rathaus offers a lift-accessible viewing gallery which you might prefer to consider.

Useful Info

Address | Petersplatz 1, 80331 München
Opening Times | Open from 9am on weekdays and 10am on weekends and most holidays. Closing times vary by season with closures on specific holidays. Please check their website for details.
Admission | €3 Adults, €1 Children (Aged 6 – 18)
Find Out More | Church Website | Muenchen.de

Always check to confirm any important details before you go!

3rd June, 2017
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