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Nymphenburg Schloss Front Entrance at the end of May 2016 | eatexploreetc.com

Schloss Nymphenburg and the surrounding park is only a short journey away from Munich Hauptbahnhof.

Hop on Tram 17 heading towards Amalienburgstraße and in 14 minutes time you’ll be approaching Nymphenburg Palace and its large, green parkland. It’s lovely at any time of year, with access to the park itself being free of charge.

Nymphenburg Schloss at the end of May 2016 | eatexploreetc.com

We’ve visited several times over the past 12 months, so here you’ll see photographs from May 2016 when everything is fully green and March 2017 as spring is just returning.

The Nymphenburg Palace west of Munich is one of the largest royal palaces in Europe and is not to be missed on a sight-seeing tour through the Bavarian capital city. | Muenchen.de

Nymphenburg Schloss Rear at the end of March 2017 | eatexploreetc.com

Construction began on this baroque palace in 1664, though subsequent years saw further building, expansion and redevelopment of the site. As a summer residence for Bavarian monarchs, the gardens and parkland were a key attraction of the complex – and since 1792 the park has been open to the public.

Nymphenburg Schloss Lion at the end of March 2017 | eatexploreetc.com

Visiting Schloss Nymphenburg

The Schloss complex houses a range of furnished, richly decorated rooms and includes King Ludwig I’s Gallery of Beauties. As you might imagine, access to the internal spaces of the Schloss complex isn’t free.

Various ticket combinations are available depending on what you’d like to see. These can cover from just the palace, to the Marstallmuseum, (housing a display of court carriages and sleds), Porcelain Museum and the collection of Park Palaces.

Nymphenburg Schloss Internal at the end of May 2016 | eatexploreetc.com

The Park Palaces are only open between April and October, as these are a collection of buildings dotted around the park itself and do require a walk to access. If you’re willing and able though, I’d recommend having a look – the Badenburg, the bathing pavillion, was my personal favourite. Perhaps I just like the idea of having my own summer house for an indoor swimming pool?

If you’d like to know more before visiting, please check the links at the bottom of this post. These really do give a full idea of what you can expect, along with lots of details on the history of the buildings. In the spirit of full disclosure though, I can’t say I’d recommend this activity for those with younger children.

Visiting Nymphenburg Park

Access to Nymphenburg Park is completely free and visiting for a relaxing wander through the trees is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

The Nymphenburg Palace Park in the west part of Munich is an oasis of peace and quiet. It has an area of around 180 hectares and as part of Munich’s “green lung” is a popular destination for city dwellers in need of breathing space. | schloss-nymphenburg.de

Nymphenburg Schloss Park and Water at the end of March 2017 | eatexploreetc.com

Swans in Nymphenburg Schloss Park at the end of March 2017 | EatExploreEtc.com

In the summer this is a beautifully green space, though there’s no denying it makes for a lovely walk year round. These pictures were taken in late March and the park still offered plenty to enjoy.

Fancy getting away from the city and stopping somewhere for a waterside picnic? There’s space here to do just that. Keep in mind there’s only one café in the grounds if you plan on buying anything else whilst you’re here though. The Nymphenburg Gift Shop / Ticket Office didn’t even stock bottles of water on our visit!

Nymphenburg Schloss Park at the end of March 2017 | eatexploreetc.com

Monopteros at Nymphenburg Schloss Park at the end of March 2017 | eatexploreetc.com

Whether you’re a tourist with some free time, or a resident wanting a parkland walk, I think you’ll find Nymphenburg has something to offer!

Useful Info

Location | Nymphenburg Palace, Schloß Nymphenburg 1, 80638 München
Opening Times | Daily

  • April – October, 9am to 6pm
  • October – March, 10am to 4pm, excluding Park Palaces & Chapel
  • Please Note: There can be exceptions to these opening days! Please check the website for details.

Admission | Various – From €4.50 for individual attractions up to €11.50.
Find Out More | Nymphenburg Palace | Nymphenburg History | Nymphenburg ParkPark Palaces | Marstallmuseum

Always check with the Schloss Website to confirm any details important to you before you travel!

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