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Tiger at Augsburg Zoo | EatExploreEtc.com

Visiting both Augsburg Zoo and Augsburg Botanical Gardens is a lovely way to spend a sunny day.

Augsburg is an easy train ride from Munich, so if you’ve already been to Hellabrunn, why not think about visiting some animals a little further afield? If you’re considering a day trip to Augsburg, take a look at my earlier post for some extra inspiration!

We visited on a Saturday during early April 2017.

Augsburg Zoo

The zoo exhibits 80 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds and interesting reptiles, amphibians and insects- all in all a representative selection of the animal kingdom. | Augsburg Zoo

Augsburg Zoo | EatExploreEtc.com

It’s rare that we truly dislike a zoo experience but having recently been bitten *cough, Frankfurt, cough* we had doubted whether we should visit another so soon. Walking up to Augsburg Zoo didn’t help matters, so we were delighted to find a small but well kept zoo behind the dated exterior. Don’t let outward appearances put you off! The old external walls hide a really lovely attraction.

Enclosures and environments are well kept and clean, with what we felt to be an appropriate amount of space for most residents. In fact, some of the areas are quite recently created and modernised additions! At the time of our visit, the zoo was advertising the future extension of the elephant enclosure too  – which really was the only glaringly small habitat.

Lemur Enclosure at Augsburg Zoo | EatExploreEtc.com

The Zoo Augsburg takes part in more than 20 international breeding programs for endangered species and in addition supports projects, which protect endangered species in their natural habitats. | Augsburg Zoo

Paths are well laid out and good underfoot – a rainy day won’t be a bother here. There are a few advertised animal feeding times, playground spaces for children and the opportunity to walk through the lemur enclosure (pictured above). This doesn’t open until around dinner time, so early visitors (like us!) will miss out. 

Rhinos at Augsburg Zoo | EatExploreEtc.com

Wandering around the zoo, you’ll find a couple of kiosks selling light snacks and ice creams. Fancy something a bit more substantial? There’s a restaurant-come-cafeteria complete with beer garden! Being a bit peckish we nipped in to pick up a breze each and were quite impressed with the look of the place. The restaurant even has it’s own dedicated website!

We enjoyed our morning at Augsburg Zoo and would happily encourage others to visit. We spent a couple of hours here but plan on spending longer if you’ve got little ones with you!

Useful Info

Address | Zoologischer Garten Augsburg, Brehmplatz 1, 86161 Augsburg
Opening Times | Open Daily from 9am | Closing times vary depending on month
Admission | Summer: €10 Adults, €5 Children (Aged 3 – 15) | Winter: €8 Adults, €4 Children (Aged 3 – 15)
Find Out More | Website | Facebook

Always check with the zoo website to confirm any important details before you go!

Augsburg Botanical Garden / Botanischer Garten Augsburg

The Botanical Garden celebrated its 80th birthday last year. What was founded in the autumn of 1936 as a “city nursery” is quickly becoming a place of rest and relaxation. | Augsburg.de

The Botanical Garden is located just across the road from the Zoo entrance… And just like the zoo, don’t let external appearances fool you! There’s a lovely space behind the fences, comprising multiple themed spaces and gardens. It extends far beyond what can be spied from the outside.

Fountain at Augsburg Botanical Garden in April | EatExploreEtc.com

Augsburg Botanical Garden in Bloom in April 2017 | EatExploreEtc.com

Despite it being April, there was plenty of colour emerging around the site. Spring bulbs in pots and clusters of daffodils offered some bright yellow against the greenery and magnolia buds gave a splash of pink against a clear blue sky. The greenhouse too was a nice surprise, though on our visit much of the space was taken over with a temporary butterfly exhibit (accompanied by a long queue!).

In the Augsburg Botanical Garden, more than 3,000 plant species bloom and spread over various theme gardens. | Augsburg.de

Augsburg Botanical Garden | EatExploreEtc.com

Snapshots of Augsburg Botanical Garden in April 2017 | EatExploreEtc.com

If you’ve come here straight from the zoo and haven’t yet had a chance to eat – don’t worry! There’s another play area for the kids, situated near another restaurant. And yes, there’s a beer garden too! All the better for soaking up that lovely Bavarian sunshine and enjoying the outside space. Click the link to take a look at their website!

Useful Info

Address | Dr.-Ziegenspeck-Weg 10, 86161 Augsburg
Opening Times | Open Daily from 9am | Closing times vary depending on month
Admission | €3.50 Adults, Various Prices | Check ‘Eintrittspreise’ Listings
Find Out More | Website | Facebook

Always confirm any details important to you before you go!

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