Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 12th – 18th March 2017

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Time for the weekly catch up with Food News, Reviews, Special Mentions and Events!

Get a brew, snuggle down in your comfy Sunday clothes and have a lil’ read of this lot. Be click happy!

Products & News

  • How does Welsh Cake Chocolate sound to you? Cause to me, it sounds pretty interesting and something I’d definitely like to get my hands on. Other flavours in their range run to Peanut Butter, Espresso Martini and Orange Marmalade. “Made with milk, magic and mischief at the The Abandoned Chocolate Factory.” | Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Cadbury Muffins and Doughnuts A new range of these sweet treats will be hitting the shelves soon, released in time for National Doughnut Week – running from 7th – 13th May. | Bakery and Snacks
  • Have you heard of Spice Drops? No, neither have I! But they’re being listed in Sainsburys. Totally new to me, it’s a concentrated natural extract of herbs and spices in a dropper bottle. Ethically sourced and ethically produced, providing employment to women in their factory in Kerala. I’ve love to know if anyone has used these yet and what you think!  | FDIN
  • The Great British Bake Off presenters have been revealed! Now… I wasn’t the biggest Bake Off fan in the first place but can someone please explain to me the choice of Noel Fielding? Are you happy with the choices? | BBC News


  • Pepsi Max Ginger | New on the shelves in the UK, I’m hoping to be able to find this out here in Germany soon. Drop me a note in the comments if you’ve seen it anywhere around the Munich area! | Grocery Gems | Amy Seeks New Treats
  • Free From Sticky Toffee Pudding | Sticky Toffee Pudding is such a British love. I often bought both Sticky Toffee and Golden Syrup microwave puddings to see me through winter in the UK. This one is Wheat Free, Gluten Free and Milk Free… But was it any good? Have a read to find out! | Pinkiebag
  • Cadbury Caramel Muffin | So it looks like the news article above about Cadbury Muffins might already be old news, as it seems like they’re already available in some outlets! | A Review A Day

Special Mentions

  • Pizza in Germany | If you’re the sort of person that has OPINIONS on how a pizza should be, you might need to keep on moving as this next blog link might make you want to cry… But if you’re like me and fancy have a good ol’ nosey at what a German pizza looks like, settle in and have a read of these crazy creations from Dominos | Oh God My Wife Is German
  • German vs American Food | Curious about other differences between German and American food? Dana has you covered – talking about pizza, ice cream, crisps or chips, soda and popcorn. I’d never realised you couldn’t get sweet popcorn in American cinemas! In the UK it’s also standard to have the choice of sweet or salty – or a mixture of both (my personal favourite) | Wanted Adventure

What’s on Next Week

Don’t forget Sunday 26th March is not only Mother’s Day in the UK but the clocks spring forward by an hour too!


  • After Work – Before Midnight | A pop up gastro offering from the Dallmayr Deli, with glasses of wine priced at €4 and deli plates at €2.50 | Dallmayr | Facebook | Dallmayr, Dienerstr. 14-15, Munich | Free Entry | 23rd & 24th March, From 8pm
  • Wein München 2017 | In a stylish atmosphere, winegrowers and wineries present their best and latest wine varieties. You have the opportunity to taste more than 900 different wines, to get comprehensive information about the new wines and to comment on selected breweries personally, and to order them directly on the spot. | Wein MünchenPraterinsel, Munich | Tickets Online €9, On the Door €12 | 24th, 25th, 26th March

Have you spotted anything online you’d like to share this week? Drop it into the comments below!

19th March, 2017
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