Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 9th April – 15th April 2017

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Settle down with a brew and a pile of Easter eggs… It’s time to catch up with the week just gone!

Products & News

  • Overnight Oats | New from Quaker and in two flavours, Blueberry & Cranberry or Red Apple. As for instructions? Simple. Just add milk and leave overnight! | Convenience Store
  • Tim Hortons in Glasgow | Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee chain and they’ve decided to start nudging their way into the UK market by opening their first outlet on Glasgow’s Argyle Street. Rocking up in May, I’ll be on the lookout for reviews! If you pop by, be sure to let me know what it’s like! | Bakery Info
  • Cadbury Roundie Biscuits | The article is titled “Modelez launches first Cadbury biscuit innovation” but I’d strongly argue against the term innovation being used here. The biscuit is a copy of something Mondelez already produces for Milka! | Bakery Info
  • Bizarre German Biscuits | Snack shopping in Germany can be an interesting one. I’m not sure what this says about German preferences but I think I’ll be giving them a miss. What about you? Let me know if you think these would make for a genuinely nice biscuit snack – it looks like one of them even has an age restriction! | Food News Germany 1 | Food News Germany 2

Other Stuff

  • Cadbury Egg History | It seems only right that as Cadbury is now American owned, we should get our Cadbury history from an American source. People, I give you… a condensed history of the Creme Egg. There’s an old newspaper advert and a video from 1986 in there! Take a look – Happy Easter! | The Kitchn
  • Beyond the Plate | This is an interesting one for food blog lovin’ cooks! Prestel Publishing, part of Random House, have released a new book called Beyond the Plate. It features 30 top food blogs from around the world and includes 60 recipes to have a browse through! I’d love a copy of this. Might have to put it on my wishlist! | Prestel Publishing


  • Shaken Udder Strawberries & Clotted Cream Milkshake | I love the Shaken Udder milkshakes. There’d be at least one in the supermarket shop every week when Waitrose was my shop of choice. Whilst these arn’t available here in Bavaria (for obvious reasons) I’m still incredibly curious and can’t wait to try on my next visit home. What do you think? | Reaching for Refreshment
  • Sticky Toffee Hot Cross Buns | Amy’s got the last HCB review of the season and it’s a good ‘un. Sticky toffee? Ooooof, yes please. See where they’re from and how good they are or arn’t at the link! | Amy Seeks New Treats
  • Cashew Butter with Easter Egg | Nibs has popped up a review for something that I’d be super interested in conceptually, but I think might have missed the mark a little on its execution. Your thoughts? | Nibbles ‘n’ Scribbles
  • Strawberry Kit Kat (Flavor of California) | So there’s a new “Flavor’s of” range of munchable things out in America right now – you’ve probably seen pictures floating around Instagram already. Of the ones reviewed so far, I like the sound of this Strawberry Kit Kat the most. | Junk Banter

Special Mentions

  • German Snack Challenge | How well do you think you’d do in a blind taste and texture test featuring all sorts of goodies from your own country? What about if you were an expat and your other half decided to test you on it? Check out the video at the jump! | Wanted Adventure
  • German Easter Traditions | Curious as to what a traditional Easter looks like in Germany? Apparently it includes green sauce, flaming wheels rolled down a hill and having an egg fight. | The Local

What’s on Next Week


  • Lancashire | Hosted by Great British Food Festivals, there’s a variety of things on offer – from shopping at the artisan market, watching chef demos and artisan talks, to live music and opportunities to take the Stonyhurst school building tour! | Stonyhurst Food Festival | Hurst Green, Clitheroe, BB7 9PZ | 21st, 22nd & 23rd April, 10am – 5pm | £8 Entry
  • Cornwall | It’s the ninth year of Porthleven Food & Music Festival and brings an impressive 30,000 people together to enjoy food stalls, street food, music, entertainment and a chef’s theatre! | Porthleven Food & Music Festival | Harbour Head, Porthleven, Nr Helston, TR13 9JA | Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd April, 10am – 5:30pm & After Dark Parties vary | Free entry to the main event, After Dark Parties require a ticket (LINK)


  • Frühlingsfest München 2017 | It’s time for the 53rd Munich Spring Festival! Taking place this year from the 21st April to the 7th May. What can you expect? Well it’s a small Spring Oktoberfest so you’ll see fairground rides, places to grab something to eat, beer (of course) along with a supporting program of events and lots of people making the most of the opportunity to wear traditional Bavarian clothing – Get your Dirndl and Lederhosen at the ready! | Munich Cityportal  | Frühlingsfest | Facebook Event | Theresienwiese | 21st April to the 7th May | Free Entry
16th April, 2017
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