Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 8th October – 14th October 2017

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We’ve got bits and bats, odds and sods, foodie news and reviews! It’s all the usual Sunday catch up fodder!

Products & News

  • Pun Laden Cheese News | I think the BBC News writers had some fun with their write up of an overweight cheese van! | BBC News
  • Pumpkin Spice Baileys | It’s back following the last years successful outing. It’s not something I’ve spotted to try myself yet (and I completely missed it last year if it was available in Germany). Are you a cream liqueur sort of person and would it hit your shopping basket? | Talking Retail
  • French Baker Wants to Save the Croissant | Reading that title, you might think I’ve lost the plot – but I promise you, I haven’t. The story of a traditional, artisinal product that takes time and quality ingredients to construct isn’t unfamiliar. Nor is the realisation that these traditionally made products are harder and harder to find. A good croissant is a thing of beauty but those widely available in England aren’t even worth the calories or time of day. A baker from Nice has had enough of the croissant taking a beating from mass manufacture and sub-par additive laden ingredients. | Telegraph
  • Gin Baubles | No I’m not pulling your leg… you really can decorate your christmas tree with alcohol! Though they might be better served as part of a Christmas gift bag for a friend! | Beverage Daily
  • Pear Flavoured Collective Yoghurt | A new winter release, this 450g tub of Pear’n’Maple yoghurt sounds delicious. Described as having a caramelised Williams pear compote that’s finished with a pinch of sea salt. Interested? | Convenience Store
  • Eating Eggs When Pregnant | Turns out, the advice is now that you can! On one condition… that the eggs are produced under the British Lion Code of Practice. | FDIN


  • Mystery Oreos | Another USA only release (sorry!) but these Mystery Oreos don’t seem to have been much of a mystery to those trying them… (And in response to JB, I have no idea what flavour the White Airhead is either!) | Junk Banter
  • Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Rolls | Trust the guys at M&S to add something that sounds bloody divine to their seasonal product roster. Savoury and sweet doesn’t always work for me but I’m trusting Kev on this one – these sound fab! | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Ritter Sport Weisse Mandel | Relatively new to the Ritter Sport nut varieties, the ever lovely Amy (who does, in fact, seek new treats) gives us the results of her all-important taste test on this new nutty bar | New Treats
  • Beech’s Fine Chocolates | Beech’s is a brand I’m familiar with, being that I come not far from their home turf of Preston… and if you ever want to be on my good side, offer up ANY of their coffee flavoured creams and we’re gonna be friends for life. Side note: They do loads of Vegan products too! Take a look at what they sent to this lucky blogger! | Elsa Eats

Special Mentions

  • Milky Bar Cookies | I like ‘nice’ chocolates. I like things with a good serving of cocoa. I also like Milky Bar Buttons. I know, it’s like people can like more than one kind of thing! Oh-my-god! So these cookies look awesome and it’s a recipe I’m tucking to one side for when I can get the right sort of chocolate for the job! | Maverick Baking
  • British Grocery Store Snacks | Another one from an American point of view, though this time from someone that went to live in the UK. Would you agree these are the best British snacks? What would you add to the list? Or is there something in there you think shouldn’t be? Personally I’d dump the cheese twists – it’s nothing I recognise as British (in fairness) but given the season, I’d be adding Mince Pies! | The Kitchn
  • Man Changes Name to Yorkshire Tea | Now then… I’m a little bit lost for words but I can’t say I haven’t heard stranger. Honestly! What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard someone do for the love of food? | Metro
15th October, 2017
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  • Reply Kelly | Maverick Baking

    Thanks for the mention, hope you enjoy them if you do get round to making them 🙂

    15th October, 2017 at 12:52 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      They look so good, I’m looking forward to trying them! I suspect the hardest part will be leaving the dough alone for a while.. 😉

      17th October, 2017 at 1:42 pm
  • Reply Emma Raphael

    Loving the sound of gin baubles. Always the season when I could do with plenty of gin to be honest! 😀

    16th October, 2017 at 12:54 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      If they go ahead and fill them with Sloe Gin, I’ll join you! 😀

      17th October, 2017 at 1:42 pm

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