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Ooof. That was one heck of a difficult week! I don’t know about you but I definitely deserve a sit down and a bit of internet procrastination. Think you do too? Then I’ve got some foodie links you’ll wanna see…

Products & News

  • Asda’s Getting Rid of 5p Plastic Bags | Which does sound great for the environment if everyone has to use a reusable bag… Only there’s a “but” here. It’s a big but (‘and I cannot lie’ – 10 points if you get the reference): The American owned supermarket chain is against the bottle deposit scheme. Which I think is a mistake, given that I’d gotten entirely used to it in Germany and (though there’s always exceptions to the rule) it seemed to go down pretty well. The first few days of being back in the UK, I saw my empty plastic bottle sitting by the back door, ready to go out to the recycling bin and it felt strange not to cart it back to the shop for my pfand. I wanted my pfand, damnit! | The Grocer
  • Doritos Announces Crisps for Women | Hold me back whilst I try and come up with some sort of reasonable response to this. I’m trying… I’m trying… aaaaaand nope. Just nope. The female Global Chief Exec has said: ““Women would love to do the same, but they don’t. They don’t like to crunch too loudly in public. And they don’t lick their fingers generously and they don’t like to pour the little broken pieces and the flavour into their mouth.” She really thinks women don’t like crunchy crisps? What the. I’m flabbergasted, really. | The Independent
  • 100 Year Old Gingerbread Recipe Found | There’s something to be said for surprise finds whilst doing a bit of DIY. Personally, I always try to leave a message on the wall underneath new wallpaper – you never know when it’s going to come off and who might find it! After this little discovery though I could be tempted to Sharpie a recipe on the wall instead. As for the Gingerbread itself… well, it looks an awful lot like the stuff they sell up in Grasmere! | Bakery Info
  • New Warburtons Bread | Introducing the Warburtons Wholemeal Toasty. I’d consider it… but it’s not Hovis Wholemeal Granary (the best of all the prepacked brown loaves). Ooooh, that sounds like a bread battle, doesn’t it!? Which team are you on, Hovis, Warburtons or… Kingsmill? | Bakery Info
  • US Sandwich Chain Coming to London | From beginnings in Dallas, Texas, the brand Which Wich will be turning up in London. What changes has the company made? Well… the brand is being adapted to match the “sophisticated” needs of the London consumer! | Bakery Info


  • Chocolate Pot Taste Test | Usually my focus here is for the dedicated snack and treat bloggers, but this week we’re kicking off with something from a major newspaper brand. The Telegraph have run a column in their Lifestyle section all about chocolate pots. There’s some familiar ones in the mix and the reviews aren’t particularly in depth… but if you head towards the bottom, you’ll see a sneaky look at something new from Gü! | The Telegraph
  • Ultimate Easter Eggs | Take a look at these gorgeous looking little eggs from British manufacturer The Chocolate Smiths. With things like cinder toffee and marshmallows in the mix, how could you refuse? That being said… how does it work out for taste? Well you’ll have to check the review to find out! I know, I’m naughty like that… | New Treats
  • Krispy Kreme Valentines Day Donuts | Not just one but THREE donuts are reviewed in this YouTube video. Three. Annnnnnnd now I want donuts and regret walking past the Krispy Kreme stand on Saturday – though I doubt I’d have gone near these limited release ones. I’m such an original glazed or lemon meringue girl. Y’know what I’d love though? A rhubarb and custard donut. Classic British flavours in a super popular American import. Fusion food! Write that one down there, Krispy Kreme! | Maverick Baking
  • Cadbury Spider Choc Lemonade Bar | Now it doesn’t actually contain spiders (that I know of) but if you’re interested in chocolate from further afield, take a look at this review of an Australian Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. It’s got a lemonade inspired filling! | Lot-O-Choc

Special Mentions

  • My Boyfriend Went KETO – The Worst Culinary Week of My Life | It will come as no surprise to anyone that sees almost any part of this blog, but I don’t do exclusion diets. I’ve tried in my younger days but it worked out horribly and I tend to feel that we should eat a range of what we want, when we want, within reason. Seriously, if someone tried to take my bread away there’d be murder on the cards. No word of a lie, leave my bread alone. I read this post the other night and enjoyed the inventiveness of the cooking (regardless of success) and, well – I liked the post, so I’m sharing it! | Sometimes Foodie
  • Tourtière: The Glorious Canadian Meat Pie | After living in Germany for a while, it’s perfectly reasonable to forget that pies are serious business elsewhere. Ever heard of this one from Canada, spiced with clove? If you’re a meat and pastry lover, check it out. There’s even a recipe in there so you can have a go yourself! | Erin at Large
  • How the Catholic Inquisition was Outsmarted by a Sausage | I think it’s interesting how food develops and nothing says “needs must” quite like needing to avoid horrifically painful persecution through with the help of a sausage. | Munchies
11th February, 2018
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