Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 3rd September – 9th September 2017

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Featuring food news, snack reviews and some bits and pieces I’ve enjoyed reading on the internet this week. What more could you want in a lazy Sunday catch up post? 

Products & News

  • Ruby Chocolate | Have you heard of the ruby cocoa bean? Don’t worry, niether had I until I found this article. Click through and check out the ruby pink colour of this Barry Callebaut chocolate! | Bakery Info
  • Unilever Buys Bristol Based Pukka Tea | Are you a Pukka drinker? I wonder whether the product will change at all… | Food Manufacture
  • Tim Hortons Expands | New sites have been announced for Manchester, Cardiff and Belfast. Are you a fan of this Canadian coffee chain? | Bakery Info
  • Gin Advent Calendar | Though I’m usually an “open it in the morning and consume immediately” kinda girl, these advent calendars will give you something to look forward to all day! | Metro
  • Brexit Related Meat Pie Price Increases | Surprising absolutely no one that voted to Remain and everyone that voted to Leave (I assume), the cost of food – even locally sourced – continues to climb. This Yorkshire butcher has seen the cost of meat rise by 17% on average over the last year! | Food Manufacture
  • Australian Pringles Flavours | To coincide with something sporting (oh okay, football – but that’s so not my thing), Pringles have released two new flavours in Australia! Chicken Salt and Meat Pie. Whilst the first doesn’t really spark and interest, I’d definitely give Meat Pie a go. Who’s with me? | Bakery and Snacks


  • New York Cheesecake KitKat Chunky | Well then, that sounds like an interesting release (for a change!)… how lucky are we that two of my regularly featured bloggers already have a review up!? | Nibbles’n’Scribbles | Amy Seeks New Treats
  • Choc Mint Whirl KitKat from Australia | Oooooh I love a bit of mint chocolate and whilst I rather enjoy the dark chocolate version the UK stocks in multipacks, this is quite an interesting foreign alternative. That being said, given the way it looks I think it’d make a cracking Halloween offering… | Lot-o-Choc
  • Bonus Entry! Cadbury Mint Twirl from Australia | Normally I don’t include two reviews from the same blog in a week, but I think this is worth a read for the UK vs Australia chocolate discussion. Mondelez really are playing silly buggers with our British Cadbury chocolate… | Lot-o-Choc
  • Seed and Bean Organic Dark Chocolate, Lemon & Cardamom | This product has been around for a while but with Green and Blacks seemingly doing away with their Organic products (honestly, Mondelez, just stop messing with our stuff) I really wanted to showcase another good Organic brand. Thankfully Kev’s come to the rescue with this review! | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Pumpkin Pie KitKats | I want these. I really do. I’m sorry to those who hate Pumpkin Pie Spice Season but I’m not one of those and these American KitKats sound fabulous. If you know of anywhere I can get them shipped to the UK or Germany, please tell me in the comments below or find me on social media! | Junk Banter

Special Mentions

  • Vegan Junk Food in the UK | Veganism is rising in popularity – which means restaurants and eateries of all kinds are moving to embrace the dietry requirements. There’s an interesting list of Vegan eateries at the bottom of the article! | The Guardian
  • The Big Feastival | With over 50 fast food and drink traders at this festival in the Cotswolds, it’s a decently sized event. You’d better head over to Ellie’s Kitchen if you want to see a truffle mac’n’ cheese toastie or black coconut ice cream! | Ellie’s Kitchen
  • A Week in Corsica | I’m always on the lookout for new places to add to my expanding list of “I should visit that!” destinations… and the food here just sounds delicious! | A Bavarian Sojourn
  • Oktoberfest on a Shoestring | Oktoberfest starts here in Munich next week – and if you’re looking for a few tips, Rachel is your gal! | Arts in Munich

Autumn Watch

  • Bettys have released their Autumn Collection! | Whilst it’s much the same offering as previous years, I do adore the cuteness of the Marizpan & Sponge Apples and the Lebkuchen Squirrel Biscuits. | Bettys
  • Hotel Chocolat are releasing their Autumn Collection too! | Take a look at some of the line-up already released here, and don’t miss the Boozy Sticky Toffee Selector – with caramel from Cartmel! And of course, there’s always the Halloween lot too…
  • Yankee Candle Halloween Releases | In the UK you can get your hands on this selection of Halloween inspired candle accessories – with a large, grinning pumpkin wax warmer and some beautiful looking Taper candle holders! They’re designed to go with these candles that drip red wax… but that doesn’t mean you have to!

Other assorted munchables…

Kev’s Snack Reviews has also been off hunting through the new winter releases hitting supermarkets in the UK… Snowmen Jelly Babies, Pigs in Blankets Pringles and Xmas Turkey Pringles!

Might have to start a Winter Watch section soon! But until next week – have a lovely seven days and I’ll see you back on the blog with a review tomorrow!

10th September, 2017
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  • Reply bavariansojourn

    Thanks so much for the mention! Will keep an eye out for pumpkin kitkats for you…. Have you ever tried the Matcha ones? We found them in Japan. Very odd… 😀

    10th September, 2017 at 3:14 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I haven’t yet managed to try them – I’m thinking of finding an online Japanese KitKat retailer when I get back to the UK and treating myself to some random flavours. 😀

      10th September, 2017 at 7:34 pm

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