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Welcome to the ‘new’ year! At only 6 days in, are you still finding yourself writing 2017 on your paperwork? Yup, me too! Enough procrastination though – let’s see how this year started in the world of food and on the internet. 

Products & News

  • New Free From Mayo… from Sacla? | Sacla are best known for their Pesto range in the UK. Interestingly (at least for me) they’re moving into the mayonnaise category with their new Free From product. It’s apparently 100% vegan, being free from dairy, gluten and eggs. The suggestion is it tastes like the “market-leading” version… Hellmann’s then? | Convenience Store | Food Bev
  • Dry January | Apparently after all the excesses of Christmas and New Years Eve, people choose to give up drinking in January. I think I might be a lost cause though… I read the article whilst drinking a Radler! That’s a German shandy, for anyone unsure.| Independent
  • Needles Found in Supermarket Foods in Germany | This is a bit of a concerning one, especially if you’re living in the Baden-Württemberg area of Offenburg. It’s just mind boggling to me that anyone would intentionally do this. | The Local
  • Mustard News! | Colman’s of Norwich will no longer truly be “of Norwich”, rather it’s shuttering up its home of 160 years and will become Colman’s of Norwich, Burton-on-Trent and Germany. No, they’re not really changing their name but that is indeed where the new production facilities will be! And we all know that Germany does love its mustard… | BBC News
  • New Vegan Pie from Pieminister | And it’s called “Kevin”. Yes indeedy – no longer will those following a Vegan diet need to miss out on the joy that is a premade pie that you can just whack in your oven. Personally I’m a Pieminister Free Ranger fan (my preferred post supermarket shopping dinner) | British Baker


  • White Chocolate with Candied Lemon | When it comes to flavoured chocolate bars, I often lean towards a white base rather than milk – especially when there’s fruit flavours in the mix. For example, a strawberry and milk chocolate bar just doesn’t do it for me. Strawberry with white chocolate? Yes. Here though, I love the idea of white with lemon and the bar sounds pretty good! Have a read and see what you think. | Lot-o-Choc
  • Rekorderlig Premium Warm Spiced Plum Cider | Each year you’ll probably be able to find a winter version of Rekorderlig cider just begging to be served warm. For 2017 it sounds like it was the spiced plum that took the honour of being the seasonal drink for the brand. Personally, I love the cinnamon apple variant but I’d definitely be willing to give this one a try. Warm winter alcohol? Sounds good to me! | Foodstuff Finds
  • Mackerel Fillets in Chip Shop Style Curry Sauce | This product made me give my computer monitor a proper side-eye glance. It sounds so wrong and yet the combination of the tinned fish and chip shop curry sauce is almost German in its weird mangling of bringing two odd food choices together. British Fusion food, eh? | Foodstuff Finds
  • Chocolate Frosted Flakes vs Nutter Butter Cereal | If you’re after something a little bit fun after the fishiness of the previous post, this one is for you. Two new American cereal products face off against each other… but only one can win! What, you don’t think that sounds dramatic enough? Alright then… this is actually part of a series of posts leading to one lucky winner being crowned Champion of the Cereal Bowl! That’s worth a look, isn’t it? | Snack Cellar

Special Mentions

  • How Sausage Flavours the German Language | If you’re in the UK, you’ll probably have some sort of mental link between Germany and sausages. Sure the country is known for its love of beer and football too, but ask anyone what they think of Deutschland and something sausage related is bound to come up. It’s not by random chance or lazy stereotyping either – wurst really are loved here and though they’re different from those you’ll get in the UK, they’re just as diverse and well received. Not only has sausage consumption shaped the dinner table here in Germany, but it’s influenced communication too! | BBC Travel
  • Hearty German Dishes | Warning: Contains meat. Lots of meat. And potatoes! Where even a potato soup needs to have sausage in it… | The Local
7th January, 2018
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    Needles in bread, that’s just bizarre… Hopefully they will find the culprit on that too… Not sure about the chip shop mackerel flavour, but would happily eat the white chocolate and lemon any day of the week! 🙂

    9th January, 2018 at 9:24 pm
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