Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 30th July – 5th August 2017

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Yup – it’s the weekly catch up! Get stuck in…

Products & News

  • Fipronil, Eggs & You | So you may have heard about the recent Egg contamination in Europe – if you’d like to know more, this is the article for you! | The Grocer
  • Kellogg’s Advent Calendar | I know it’s the summer, technically. That doesn’t mean I can’t start getting all excited about seasonal releases though! Now I’m not entirely sure whether there’d be much demand for something like this, though I can’t see why it wouldn’t work… | Metro
  • Halloween from Mondelez | I love me some Halloween products. As usual, we can expect to see the Cadbury Ghost Egg and Crunchy Spider… But! Something new will be joining the range on your supermarket shelves. Creepy Chews! Click the link to see the promo image! | Talking Retail 
  • Pret Introduces Vegan Flatbread | I love a bit of Pret when I’m in the UK – big, thick, delicious sandwiches or salad boxes. It’s nice to see the brand branching out further with this monthly vegan special – it sounds fab! | Bakery Info
  • Lemon Drizzle Battle Oats Protein Cookie | With 10g of Protein per Cookie, these Lemon Drizzle cookies are gluten-free and vegan! They’re available online and should be heading to Holland & Barrett later this year. | Bakery Info
  • Rebel Kitchen Mylk – Skimmed, Semi Skimmed and Whole | Packaged with the familiar dairy milk colours, from the blue of full fat to red of skimmed, these new non-dairy milk alternatives are an interesting extension of the existing flavoured Mylk ranges. | The Grocer


  • Mike and Ike Sundae Sweets | With the box packaging claiming flavours like Chocolate Fudge, Banana Split, Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Drizzle, crushed Pineapple and Cherry On Top – I’d have to say I’m curious. Mike and Ike are one of the sugary American treats that always make me stop and consider whether I can get away with buying them on import. Would it be worth buying the Sundae pack? Let Sometimes Foodie help you figure that out! | Sometimes Foodie
  • Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse | This is a product I’ve reviewed myself before and rather liked – but it’s always worth taking a second opinion (after all, not everyone likes the same thing!). Lot-o-Choc’s view on this bar is quite different to mine – have a look and see what you think! | Lot-o-Choc
  • Hotel Chocolat Scoop To Chill | It’s probably no secret that I’m a Hotel Chocolat lover (I even ordered some online for the other half’s birthday this week just gone!) and though I’m usually not a fan of fruit flavours with chocolate, if anyone could win me over, it’d be these guys. | Foodstuff Finds
  • Miiro Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Lollies | A few weeks ago these vegan ice creams featured in my Food News section, so I was happy to stumble upon this review from Pinkiebag. It can be a difficult ask to create something Vegan for mass production that works on all fronts… Are these up to the task? | Pinkiebag

Special Mentions

  • Ice Cream in Munich | Dana explores three different places in Munich to get some amazing looking ice cream. Not sure where to source your summer treats in this Bavarian city? Check out her video! | Wanted Adventure
  • Maulwurfkuchen: German “Mole Cake” | A German chocolate cake, filled with bananas and whipped cream – all made up to look like a mole hill! This is a fun looking cake and one I’ve never heard of before! The recipe looks easy to follow too! | Dirndl Kitchen
  • How to Get English Language TV in Germany | This is an important one! I’m using a mixture of Amazon Prime, Netflix and iTunes – but there’s actually a few other options that I’d never heard of in here. A must-read for any Brit or American moving out here! | Live Work Germany
  • 10 Things You Won’t Find at a German Grill Party | Heading off to a barbecue in Germany and expecting to find burgers? Think again! | DW
6th August, 2017
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