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Roll up, roll up! Get your weekly foodie news fix ‘ere! Reviews and Special Mentions, click through and read all about it!

Products & News

  • The US Food and Drug Administration Warns about Liquorice Overdose | In perhaps the strangest food warning I’ve heard of for a while, the FDA have cautioned that eating around 60g of black liquorice a day for two weeks could send someone over 40 to the hospital with an irregular heart rhythm. It’s very specific advice and I’m honestly not quite sure what to make of it! | Confectionery News
  • Organic and Vegan Breakfasts from Kellogg’s | Now this is an interesting one. Under slightly different branding and a ‘natural’ packaging design, Kellogg’s will be releasing five new products in January. There’s a mixture of Granola and Organic Wholegrain Wheats, featuring flavours like Coconut, Cashew & Almond and Cranberry, Sultana and Spelt. This is definitely a new product range I’d give a try. How about you? | Convenience Store
  • Spiced Plum Cider | Rekorderlig offer up a variety of sweet and fruity ciders, with seasonal editions slipping into their product listings regularly. This year, it’s Spiced Plum Cider that’ll be hitting the shelves. I can’t say I’m as interested in this one as their previous Apple and Cinnamon variety (because, cinnamon apples!) but I’d definitely be willing to give it a try! | Food Bev
  • Waitrose Food and Drink Report | It’s not the snappiest of titles, but there’s some interesting things going on in here. If you’re interested in food trends, that is. According to the report, carbs are back in fashion and there’s a renewed interest in eating brunch… (Do those two things happen to work together? Perhaps?) and can you believe that 40% of women choose gravy with their pie (but just 28% of men). Those men are missing out! | Waitrose Report | Bakery Info
  • Hershey’s Gold | There’s a new release coming from the American ‘chocolate’ manufacturer – in the shape of a caramelised creme bar with peanuts and pretzels… And unlike Hershey’s usual offerings, I’d actually consider giving this one a try. I wouldn’t expect much from it though, if I’m honest. | Food Bev


  • Godiva Caramel Lion | This is a brand of chocolate I’ve heard of and seen, but never tried. It’s always seemed a little… well, let’s just say it’s never appealed. So now it’s more widely available thanks to a Sainsbury’s deal, should I be making a special trip to a supermarket I don’t use? … Have a read and see what you think! | New Treats
  • Peanut Brrr-ittle M&Ms | If you happen to like Peanut M&M’s (like me) then you might be interested in this seasonal edition from America. I think they sound like they’d be worth trying – and still can’t for the life of me understand why chocolate companies are so reluctant to translate their myriad of seasonal flavours for the British market. If truth be told, they’d probably have to do nothing but ensure the ingredients and nutritional info details meet British/EU legislation! | Snack Cellar
  • Sainsbury’s Lemon & Ginger Tea | I really am quite partial to hot water with real ginger, lemon and honey – but it’s not always practical to do, especially if you’re in the workplace. So would this tea be a nicely refreshing and easy alternative? | Pinkiebag
  • M&S Christmas Pudding Smoothie | It sounds… like a bad idea. It looks… like a bad idea. But is it? Kev bravely goes where others probably wont… | Kev’s Snack Reviews

Special Mentions

  • How to Make the Perfect Parkin | Parkin is a typically Lancashire and Yorkshire treat that gets made for Bonfire Night. I love it, regardless of whether it’s an old fashioned or a sponge variety. Dark, bitter treacle laced oats – baked into a thick, energy giving cake that’s perfect for munching whilst watching fireworks explode above. If you’ve not got your own recipe yet, this post could be what you’re needing! | The Guardian
  • Shopping in Germany – Sunday & Public Holidays | Beginning a new series of blog posts on life in Germany, the lovely Alie C is broaching the topic of what to do when everything is closed (and you need food!)… which is every Sunday and every public holiday! Just check out these amazing farmer-owned vending machines – have you ever seen anything like it before? | Starting Over in Stuttgart
  • An Innsbruck Intermission | Take a look at this for some beautifully wintery looking scenes and inspiration for a gorgeous hiking location in Austria. The area hadn’t been on my radar before but it’s definitely something to think about for a future holiday from the UK! | The Sojourn Series
  • German Police Deliver Pizza | In a move that’s definitely going above and beyond their scope of employment, following a delivery driver getting in a traffic accident, the responding police officers completed his pizza delivery! | DW
5th November, 2017
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    Thank you for the mention, Smaragd Hike post coming up, you really must pack this one in before you leave! Off to track down the Christmas Pudd smoothie! 😀

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