Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 28th May – 3rd June 2017

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Another week down… Anything new worth knowing about? Let’s find out!

Whether you started the week off with a Bank Holiday Monday or not, I hope you’ve had a good 7 days! So what’s new in the Internet-world this week?

Products & News

  • Walkers Re-Brand for Oven Baked | Walkers are extending their Oven Baked range with the addition of two new flavours – Chicken & Thyme and an Italian Herb multi-pack variant. Along with the new flavours, the product has undergone a bit of a revamp and now claims to be lower in fat! | Talking Retail | Bakery Info
  • New Vegan Croissant | Love the idea of a French pastry but normally aren’t able to partake? Délifrance is bringing something to the market that might be just what you need! | Bakery Info
  • Rainbow Bottle for LGBTQ Support | Absolut have launched a beautiful looking rainbow covered bottle to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. Take a look! | The Grocer


  • Soffle’s Pitta Chips | I’m a total bread fiend, so pitta chips are right up my street. It’s a while since I’ve had some though and these sound (and look!) pretty good. I’m glad Nib’s reviewed them, as I’d have probably ignored them in the snack aisle as the packaging doesn’t quite appeal to me. Does it work for you? | Nibbles’n’Scribbles
  • Sugarfina Box | Have you been searching for a fancy looking range of sweets suitable for gifting? Does the thought of a Robin’s Egg Caramel or a Champagne Gummy Bear work for you? Then step right over and check this little lot out… (Side note: the ones I like the sound of most are imported from Germany & Italy!) | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Thoroughly Minted Tea from Twinings | This tea is a personal favourite of mine in the UK. We managed to go through bags of the stuff at work on a frequent basis between three of us. Have a look at Pinkiebag’s more in depth assessment and see if it sounds like the brew for you! | Pinkie Bag
  • Hobnobs Apple Pie Flapjacks | Flapjacks… Yum. There’s syrup, oats and apple! What’s not to love, right? Question is, did McVities nail the execution? Check out the review to find out! | Foodstuff Finds
  • Pieminister, Birmingham | In the UK, we’d generally have a Pieminister once a week. It’d be a Thursday – shopping day. After a day at work and a couple of hours sorting out the shopping (all in), they’d be perfect just to pop in the oven so we could eat something tasty and fast. How did the Pieminister restaurant (which I’ve not tried) go down with this reviewer? | Meat and One Veg

Special Mentions

  • How Germany Works: Getränkemarkt | Whilst it’s usually perfectly possible to find a small selection of drinks in a supermarket, there’s also a very good chance you’ll not find what you’re looking for. Unlike an Asda, you really can’t do all your weekly shop in one spot in Germany. For drinks – particularly if you want to buy in larger quantities (like a crate of beer), you’ll be needing to visit the drinks market. | 40 Percent German
  • The Best Beer Festival You’ve Probably Never Heard Of | Bavaria is known for its love of beer. The annual Oktoberfest held in Munich (in September) is known around the world, which might account for the global awareness of Bavarian beer… Though I’ll never understand why the export always seems to be Paulaner.  If you’re a fan of regional drinks, why not let Alie introduce you to a beer festival you might not have heard of! | Starting Over in Stuttgart
  • 10 Very German Passions | You’ve probably heard of some of these quirks of German life… and if you’ve ever accidentally sat at a Stammtisch, you’ll have very quickly learnt about it! | DW
  • Munich Biergarten Transport Plan | So you want to go out for a few drinks in the sun, you’re looking for a beer garden but don’t know which way to go? Here’s a handy public transport plan to get you to your watering hole! |

What’s on Next Week


  • Manchester – Eat & Drink Festival | According to the website blurb, “Eat & Drink Festival is a unique live experience, celebrating the exciting trends in modern cuisine, mixology and street food.” Expect eating, drinking and shopping along with live music and celebrity chefs. | Eat & Drink Festival | Event City, Manchester | 8th – 11th June, 8th: 12pm – 7pm, 9th: 10am – 7pm, 10th: 10am – 5pm
    | Ticket: Adult, £16 on the door, £12.50 in advance
  • Cheltenham – Food & Drink Festival | With Chef’s Kitchen, Wine Tastings, Food Talks and a variety of exhibitors. | Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival | Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 1SD | 9th – 11th June, 10am – 5pm | Tickets: £7 on the gate
4th June, 2017
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