Etc: Sunday Catch Up, 28th January – 3rd February 2018

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Grab a cuppa and plonk yourself down in your favourite comfy reading spot. There’s things here to have a look at!

Products & News

  • Vegan Raw Chocolate Bars Heading to Europe | A Dutch company is releasing individual ‘on the go’ portion packs of its raw, vegan chocolate. Target markets include Germany and the UK, so if raw chocolate is your thing make sure to keep a look out! | Confectionery News
  • New Biscuits from Bahlsen | The popular German biscuit company is releasing something new to the UK market – Choco Moments. You’ll find them in two different flavours, hazelnut and mint. I’m certainly going to try and find the Mint ones – I love a mint chocolate and covering a butter biscuit in the stuff sounds pretty good to me! | Convenience Store
  • Vegan Smoothie Range Returns to the UK | Back in 2006 this product reached British shelves but there really wasn’t enough widespread demand for a plant-based pre-made smoothie product. Coca-Cola think times have changed and are prepared to give their vegan product another chance in open waters. Are you interested? | FDIN
  • Hershey Stops Sourcing Cocoa from Deforested Areas | As far as I’m concerned this is pretty great news. (I know, they shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place but let’s not get caught up with criticising past actions in a way that negates future intent). Whenever a large-scale manufacturer moves to improve their environmental impact in this way, I think it adds pressure for similar companies for follow suit. Maybe I’m just overly optimistic but I think it’s a positive step at least. | Food Bev
  • France wants Legal Limits on Food Discounts | After the Nutella Riots, lawmakers have found themselves deeply unimpressed with the actions of all parties involved. To make sure it doesn’t happen again? Well, they’re looking at banning the startlingly deep discounts the caused the kerfuffle and doing away with things like “buy one get one free”. | Telegraph
  • Yorkshire Pudding Pizza | Yorkshire Pudding, for those that don’t know, is made by pouring an English style pancake batter into screaming hot oil in a tin and sitting it in the oven to bake up. It’s served with roast dinners and is a glorious addition to sausages too. There is, quite honestly, nothing about this dish that says “fill it with pizza stuff”, and yet… that’s exactly what someone’s gone and done! | Independent


  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich | I’m honestly not really a fan of Oreo cookies. I mean, after a Bourbon is there really much point in bothering with other (inferior) chocolate sandwich biscuits? Ooooh, that’s fighting talk, isn’t it? But on the chance you happen to like ’em, this new bar from Monde-“how do we include Oreos with our chocolate”-lez should interest you. But really, Mondelez, isn’t it time for something that ISN’T Oreo with your chocolate? | Lot-O-Choc | New Treats
  • German Tries American Snacks | This isn’t quite a review… but I kinda like it for this section because it’s a video that’s full of American things! Peanut things, liquorice things… chocolate things. There’s things! (I’m giving myself a free pass on all of this, it’s been a super long week moving from Bavaria to Lancashire! For articulate commentary, you’ve got the wrong blogger today. I will say though that I love the unimpressed reaction to Twizzlers. I don’t get them either!) | Wanted Adventure
  • Jazzie Eggs | Jazzies to me are those cheap white chocolate disc shapes that get liberally covered in sprinkles. Generally made from that cheap “Advent calendar” type chocolate, they’ve never actually been something I’ve enjoyed. It turns out Marks and Spencer disagree and have turned the things into eggs for Easter! Find out from Kev if they’ve been successful… | Kev’s Snack Reviews

Special Mentions

  • Food Tours in York | York is a place I love and is easily my most visited location in England. Having been a regular visitor for around the past 15 or so years, the past two years of non-attendance have been quite a blip on the ol’ weekend away in York front. Though my next visit isn’t yet booked, it’s certainly at the front of my mind and this glimpse into the more recent developments of York’s food scene caught my eye. | York on a Fork
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies | Interestingly (for me, not you, I suppose) I’d go through phases of loving peanut butter and then being rather “eh, whatever” about it all. More recently I’ve definitely been a “ooooh peanuts, get in” sorta gal. When I saw the pictures of these cookies, you can bet my eyes bulged a little and my brain went “want”. So I’m including it here, because I can. I’m just that sort of blogger. | Smitten Kitchen
  • My Favourite Instagram Account | Every week I mean to mention this account and every week I forget – until now! Aha, success! Take a look at Juniper and Fig. They’re foxes and the pictures never fail to make me smile.


4th February, 2018
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    Yorkshire pudding pizzas. No. Just no… Jazzie easter eggs? I kind of like that idea! Hope the unpacking is going well! 🙂

    6th February, 2018 at 9:11 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Thanks! 🙂 We have stuff arriving on Sunday, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

      8th February, 2018 at 12:10 pm

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