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We’re heading into the final quarter of the year and I’m not sure how we’ve gotten here so fast! Time has just flown by… so take the time to pause and catch up! Here’s the most recent 7 days worth of food news and reviews!

Products & News

  • Raw Chicken Supplies Scandal | Another week, another horrible piece of food safety news reaches us. This time a 2 Sisters Food Group factory that supplies Marks & Spencer, Aldi, Lidl, Tesco (you name it!) has been throwing meat dropped to the floor back into production, amending kill dates and mixing meat of different ages together. Ugh. I mean, what more can I say? | BBC News | The Guardian
  • Spelt, Honey and Pumpkin Loaf | One of the things living in Germany has taught me is how difficult it is to get interesting and freshly made breads easily in the UK. This new offering from Marks and Spencer (selected stores) sounds like it’d be right up my street! | Bakery Info
  • Dr. Oetker Bake in the Box Mixes | This is an interesting one, as I’ve recently seen a new range of Dr. Oetker “Coffee Cakes” released in Germany. Banana Bread, Carrot Cake and Apple Cake – though they look nothing like any of those particular cakes, if you ask me. I find it curious as to how large multi-nationals decide which products to attempt in which country. Are you a “baking mix” person? Would you give these a try? | Bakery Info
  • Vegan Almond Butter & Salted Caramel Porridge | Available exclusively to Tesco, MOMA are launching another instant porridge product – and they’re hitting those “nut butter” and “salted caramel” requirements in one go! | FDIN
  • Protein Yorkie | Y’know, sometimes chocolate just needs to be chocolate. Must everything be functional? | Food Bev


  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk | Whilst I am a milk drinker, I will say I always have an interest in the alternatives on the market. Not only because I’m curious as to which brands do what better (and it’s interesting to see how a market develops), but also because I’ve got lactose intolerant friends and it’s always nice to be able to offer something they can actually consume on a visit. Reviews like this are great shopping inspiration! | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • Pumpkin Spice Oat So Simple | I love Oat So Simple. It’s a fantastic, easy way to eat porridge (which keeps me full for aaaaages) when you’re lacking a real kitchen or the will to stand over a pan of oats in the morning and then face the washing up later on. Amy’s review doesn’t really surprise me all that much, to be honest – though it must be said I’m a plain porridge girl. Golden Syrup or honey are great additions, but honestly the best is just one or two chopped up dates and half a spoon of Light Muscovado Sugar. The best. | Amy Seeks New Treats
  • Tiramisu KitKat | Another bought on import from Australia, this interesting sounding KitKat makes me really wish Nestlé would convert their newest “New York Cheesecake Chunky” bar into a Tiramisu version. It really wouldn’t take all that much effort on their part I think. (Note: I tried the Cheesecake Chunky earlier this week – it’s lovely, with a definite tang to the filling. I’m not sure it’s absolutely “cheesecake” though, with it swapping out the crumbly biscuit base for wafers.) | Lot-o-Choc

Special Mentions

  • British Food with a Historical Edge | I love this blog and I’ve a feeling you might too… As it says, the blog is “celebrating 700 years of delicious British food” and you’ll find some really interesting things pop up (and the Nectar Rice Pudding is something I’ve bookmarked to try!). The post that landed this week is about a wholemeal oat bread. | Deja Food
  • Kids Try Sweets | I know I’ve mentioned these videos before, but still – I like them! I just do! And I’m always amused by reactions to British sweets… The last time I had Jelly Tots, my lasting memory is that the sugar coating utterly destroyed my tongue. Sugar sandpaper guys, sugar sandpaper. Germany’s represented here too! | HiHo Kids on YouTube
  • Is ‘British Food’ really what we think it is? | Think of British food and most people would probably head towards the ‘meat and two veg’ stereotype or the plethora of ‘meat, gravy, potato’ dishes we’re known for. Thing is, that’s not quite the case any more. A trip around any British supermarket will show you just how adventurous we Brits want to be in the kitchen – or at least, on our dinner plate. So what is it that we like to cook exactly? There’s a free download on the page – just add a name and email address and you’re good to go. It’s filled with colourful graphics and plenty of numbers, perfect for the data lover. | Great British Chefs
  • British vs German Food | This is here just for a bit of fun. Take a look through the list and see what you’d rank! Though I will say that using Pulled Pork as a British dish is a little bit off. I’d have compared Schweinshaxe with some sort of roasted pork joint, like roasted belly or even the old fashioned (now out of favour) pork chop. Curious as to what I’d score? Look below! | The Local
    • Apple Pie: I like the juicy apple filling and tender crumbly sugar topped pastry of a nice pie. Apfelstrudel is good – don’t get me wrong – but I like lots of filling and the British alternative delivers.
    • Schweinshaxe: Krustenbraten, really. But my word do Bavarians know how to roast some pork. Delicious and unbeatable!
    • Gingerbread: Lebkuchen is lighter but hasn’t got that firey gingereyness I love.
    • Weisswurst: So much better than haggis! Light sausage, sweet mustard and a pretzel… I’m in.
    • Stollen: IF! If it has marzipan in it. Otherwise, I’ll take an apple brandy soaked and fully loaded Christmas cake. If you please.
    • Roast Potatoes: This was another really tough one. I like bratkartoffeln very very much but they often seem a little oily for me. Roast potatoes on the other hand (at least when I make them) aren’t. So if I’m comparing, roasties win. Just.
    • Sauerbraten: I make a mean Shepherd’s Pie – but… point to Germany.
    • Grill Up: Alright, I’m cheating here a little but I never fry bacon or sausage. In fact, I’d say Germany wins for summer and the UK in winter. As it’s getting colder right now, I’m voting for the warm food!
    • Schnitzel: I’m not the biggest fish eater and often find the batter is just a bit too much – too thick, to soggy. I adore mushy peas and tartare sauce… but my vote goes to the Austrian food.
    • Sausage and Mash: No contest.
    • Cheese on Toast: … No explanation needed, right?
    • Paprika Chips: I can’t believe I’m saying this but… but… I’d take Paprika over Salt and Vinegar!
    • Sausage Rolls: Bratwurst are nice an’ all, but I can’t help but miss proper English sausages – juicy, full of flavour and ethically sourced meat. I’m gonna pretend the Sausage Roll option is an artisan one stuffed with bits of apple. Yum!
    • My final score: Germany 6 v UK 7.
1st October, 2017
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  • Reply Bavarian Sojourn

    Yuk to the chicken thing… I missed that on the news… I only use the cake box kit things if I am making cake pops for school things, and the German/English food comparison made me laugh! I am with you on the paprika crisps by the way! Off to check out Deja Food! 🙂

    1st October, 2017 at 5:19 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      I’ve never understood cake pops! But then I’m not a frosting lover 😉 I like the cake mix shortcut though. Paprika crisps have really grown on me, but it’s kangaroos all the way for me! 😊

      1st October, 2017 at 7:20 pm

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