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October! The month of Christmas Cake prep and Halloween. So what’s been happening in the first seven days?

Products & News

  • Sunday Roast Pasty | Now I’ve not heard of Warrens Bakery, as I’m from the north and this looks to be exclusively south of the middle. BUT! I’m now kinda fantasising about a roast dinner held in pastry. In my defence it’s gotten a bit chilly here in Bavaria and a roast dinner sounds like magic to me! | Bakery Info
  • Nakd Revamp | Apple Danish and Banana Bread, Berry Bliss and Cocoa Twist. These are the four new recipe product lines from Nakd, made using fruit, nuts and fluten-free oats. Targeted towards busy breakfast times on the go, I’d definitely give a couple of these flavours a try! | Food Bev
  • Fox’s Glacier Berries | Now I’d not normally mention these but the flavour choices are just so interesting. Blueberry, Cranberry and Gooseberry. I’d absolutely be tempted to try these based on that Gooseberry inclusion. Way to go Fox’s Glaciers! That’s truely an interesting flavour choice. | Talking Retail
  • Bottle Deposit Return Scheme | Perhaps I won’t be getting rid of my bags filled with recyclable bottles so soon… Will we be seeing the pfand machines turn up in the UK next? | The Grocer
  • Asda Bakery Renames Tiger Bread | On the one hand, this is very sweet. On the other hand, it shows how under qualified, under experienced and under trained Asda Bakery staff are – which really is truly shocking. (Though perhaps not so much if you’ve ever tried Asda loaves). | Bakery Info


  • Cadbury Cake Coffee Escape Bar | Ooooooh I love coffee. I do! I do. And I want to try this new coffee flavoured ‘Roses’ chocolate inspired cake bar. Not a coffee fan? Well there’s a strawberry one for you to look at too! | Foodstuff Finds
  • The Biscuit Baron | I’m a sucker for a variety box full of edible surprises. I’ve been given a basket stuffed with Italian biscuits as a Christmas gift before, a box laden with Asian sweets and I’ve even ordered subscriptions for my other half (from Cocktail Kits by post to Geeky orientated boxes!). So when Amy posted this review of The Biscuit Baron? Definitely up my street. Take a look, see if you spot something familiar that I’ve reviewed in the mix! | Amy Seeks New Treats
  • Green & Blacks Velvet Edition Mint Dark Chocolate | This is absolutely the last time I’ll be sharing any of the new Green & Blacks bar reviews – because this one says it all for me and highlights what I was worried (but expected) to be the case. Mondelez are Mondelezing the shit out of their ‘premium’ brand. | Kev’s Snack Reviews

Special Mentions

  • A Happy Homecoming | This post is such a good one to read. After a year in the States, Christie is back in Germany and taking us through her food journey from the first few days. Once I head back to the UK, I’m pretty sure it’s the pretzels I’ll miss the most! What would you be making a beeline for?| A Sausage Has Two
  • European Etiquette Rules | Written from an American perspective, this Kitchn article amused me a little and I thought some of my regular readers might appreciate it. The second point in the list? Well, the British would combine both of those phrases to start a sentence as: “Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you but…” and Number 7 is really important at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. What do you think of this list? Spotted any truths or errors? | The Kitchn
  • German Foods that are Tastier than they Sound | There’s one in this list called “Muckefuck”. No, I didn’t miss any letters out of that word, I swear! Can you think of any local dishes you’d drop into your own version of this list? I’d probably add my favourite Lancashire pie – “Butter Pie”. It’s not actually a pie with a solid butter filling, but unless you’re from the area, you might not know it! | DW
8th October, 2017
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  • Reply Christie | A Sausage Has Two

    Thank you for the link love! 🙂

    I hate these sorts of generalised “Europe” lists, and generalised Europe information (mostly written by bloggers or talked about by people who went to Paris once) in general (just to generalise*). They never seem to take into account that Europe is a continent made up of a number of countries that are really very different from one another in all sorts of ways, and tend to make generalise from experiences had in about five of them. But that’s a pretty good list for those ones 😉 (Sorry, really gets my goat!)

    *coherency and vocab levels at an all time high

    8th October, 2017 at 1:18 pm
    • Reply Eat Explore Etc

      Normally I’d agree with you on the “I’ve been to Paris for a weekend, now let me tell you all about the entirety of Europe” posts (no thanks), but I thought this list had some pretty decent ‘common sense’ points. “Use your Library Voice” had me grinning from the start – and number 8 “Let people exit the trains before entering”, well – I’d think that’s common sense. But people just don’t do it! Why don’t people do it? I mean, let the people out and then there’s space for you to get on! Just think! … I have to use my ‘inside voice’ on public transport here frequently. 😉

      And I’ve been really enjoying seeing the food journey from your return! I’m sorry you’ve had to temporarily put a halt to it, but as long as everyone is well in the end – you’ll be back to eating real things in no time. 🙂

      8th October, 2017 at 1:52 pm

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