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Having survived a very (very) busy week, it’s a bit of a relief to sit down and scour the internet for this week’s food news, reviews and special mentions. Read on and take a look at what I’ve found!

Products & News

  • Bread Baking Reduces Anxiety | It’s something that comes as absolutely no surprise to me, as I love the feeling of bringing a freshly made loaf out of the oven. It makes an evening dinner of soup feel all the more special. Simple things are often the best, wouldn’t you agree? | Bakery Info
  • New Easter Products from Nestlé | Are you a lover of orange flavoured chocolate? I know at least one person in my household that’d be interested in giving the Orange Smarties Egg a go… | Talking Retail
  • Coffee Report | So it turns out that three cups of coffee a day are good for you! Maybe? All this “you can eat, you can’t eat” is getting too complicated. Whatever you choose to enjoy, just do it in moderation – because honestly, I can’t keep up with all the warnings. | BBC News
  • Finnish Insect Bread | Would you be interested in a dried cricket flour bread? I can’t say it’s something that appeals to me – and I know I’m supposed to be interested in trying all new foodie things (given that I do like eating) but insect consumables are just a little step too far for me. What about you? Would you care, be interested or be disgusted by the thought? | Telegraph


  • Green & Blacks Velvet Edition 70% Dark Chocolate | This is an interesting one… because I’ve just opened this exact bar. Literally, it’s right in front of me. No no, don’t worry – I didn’t buy it. It came free with a magazine and my first thought was “This is crap. The melt is wrong, the flavour is wrong. It doesn’t taste like 70% cocoa and screw you Mondelez”. But what did Kev think? | Kev’s Snack Reviews
  • November Degustabox Unboxing | If you’re like me (and given that you’re here, you might be), then you’d love to receive a box of surprise foodie things through the post every month. And as it turns out, Maverick Baking does too! Tune in to see what you’d get in this months box plus a first impression of Formaggio Crostini… | YouTube – Maverick Baking
  • Ritter Sport Spekulatius | It doesn’t do any harm to get a second opinion on a chocolate bar purchase… so here you go! Amy’s off trying out the Winter 2017 Ritter Sport bar. Have you had this one yet? I’d love to know your thoughts! | New Treats
  • Make Your Own Chocolate Bar | I know I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too. You’ve spotted a bar in a shop and thought: OOOH, that sounds spot on! And then you look and inwardly groan in disappointment that the bar includes something you hate. Or just as bad, perhaps, the bar is missing something you think would really suit it. Well… if you’ve got the cash to splash, The Grown Up Chocolate Company is offering a bespoke solution. | Lot-O-Choc

Special Mentions

  • Kids Try Greek Food | I’m a total sucker for this channel and I have no idea why. It might take a long discussion over a couple of massive mugs of coffee to figure it out… but if you’ve not got time for that (and I don’t think I do right now myself), you’d best just watch the video. | HiHo Kids YouTube
  • Honest German Customer Service: We are all idiots | If you’ve spent any time in Germany, and in particular I think Bavaria, you’ll definitely notice some differences with the UK. For example I noticed how self service tills were introduced into the Munich Hauptbahnhof Edeka supermarket… and then half of them disappeared in favour of manned tills. Then the rest went as well – so now we’re in a situation where only a few of the check out areas are ever manned, people are queuing up a staircase and the area where the self service tills used to be is filled with empty manual ones. I may rant a little because it’s a fascinatingly terrible attempt at modernisation. Take a peek at Nic’s point of view over at his brilliant and funny blog. | 40 Percent German
  • Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu | I’m a tiramisu lover. It’s always a difficult ask to try and get me not to order dessert in an Italian restaurant… because I always know what I’m going for, without even checking it exists on the menu. I mean, it has to – doesn’t it? So usually you’ll find I’m a tiramisu purist. This Pumpkin Spice variety (sorry Christie) looks damned awesome to me though – it’s gone straight into my Recipe bookmarks folder! | Joy the Baker
26th November, 2017
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